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Checkout Speedvision Now...

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SpeedVision GT Touring Cars Year in Review is on...Many good shows tonite...

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:stupid: Just kidding.

What i don't like about nascar is the mild oversights like the taurus coupe, all v-8 powered , RWD, manual tranny, don't run in rain and only run 2 non round courses. I feel that a race car should either be a race car (F-1, Cart, IRL, LMP900. etc..) or a production based model. I really like to watch the BTCC, and aussie touring cars, which in many ways is similar to nascar, but with very important differences. I think if it is stock car racing they should be stock cars, with safety modifications, Ie. rally cars.
You haven't been able to buy a v-8 RWD grand-prix since 1987. So what gives????

My .02

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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