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Checkout Speedvision Now...

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SpeedVision GT Touring Cars Year in Review is on...Many good shows tonite...

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You know I never cease to be amazed by how few Subaru people understand NASCAR... But there's only a few thousand Subaru people in this country, all total maybe a third of the attendance of a single NASCAR event... It's funny how many times I saw posts about WWF on the i-club and everybody knew all the key characters, then when it comes to NASCAR it's like it is Satan Spawned...

Look I watch NASCAR from time to time, though less since Dale's crash. I'm not going to say anything about the racing...

But at a commercial level it is totaly successful here in the states. EACH EVENT has at least 100,000 in attendance, and there have been races with over 200,000 in the stands. Then there's all the people who come out but don't go and sit in the stands for the race(camping, parkinglot parties) And this is different than Football, the people sit around for two or three days, as opposed to a few hours.

Then the TV viewing audience, Huge. The fans are all very very brand loyal and feel it an element of national pride to watch every single event.

Now we have an F1 event in the states again, and outside of Indy how much do you realy hear about it? Does ESPN run a hour special? They have daily NASCAR shows now. People have had the chance to go and spectate at a Rally race in their area at least once a year, thanks to SCCA(local chapters running TSDs and what-not) Are there ever spectators? If so do they ever add up to more than 100?

I'm not going to predict the success of F1 and Rally/WRC in the U.S. But these are relatively new sports to us Yanks. Or atleast it's been a long time since we've had much of anything even closely resembling it. Who's to blame Speedvision for going where the money is? Yeah, it sucks that it's going to be next to imposible to get good WRC coverage without a foreign dish. And yes perhaps the U.S. will build up a good fanbase and things will start to happen and you and I and our Fathers and our Brothers will be the ones you see running out of the road as a AWD rocket comes blasting over a jump. But in the meantime Speedvision is going to go where the Established Customers are and do all they can to appeal to those people and take the money floating around NASCAR.

Face it, it's about money. Speedvision started with a great idea, provide decent to excelent coverage of all racing. Now they are moving into a Niche, not from the pressures of competition(wouldn't it be great?) but because in that Niche they will find a huge and dependable group of customers, who will then attract better commercials... Yadda yadda on down the line...

Okay, you can now kick in my head. I hate what I had to say too.

BTW, anybody else notice that this year Europe was making an attempt at circle track Stock cars racing? Worst part is the name -> ASCAR

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