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My '99 has almost 76,000 miles on it. I've always changed the plugs but never the wires. Never even touched them except for pulling them off the plug.

Well...Today I was outside upping my KYB's from 2/4 to 3/6 and decided to have a look at the terminals on the coil pack. Never done it, just decided to do it. I pull off the first; looks good. I pull off the second; looks good. Pull of the bottom left; looks good then get to top left #3 cyl. Holy Cow! The whole terminal on the pack was completely corroded and had a burnt spot where it had been arcing. I looked inside the plug boot and it was corroded as well. I popped it back on to see if it was loose. Sure enough it was much looser than the others.

I took some emery cloth and cleaned up both the terminal on the pack and the lead inside the plug boot. Then took some needle nose and made the connector smaller so it wouldn't move around so much. It should hold until I can get new plug wires.

If you have never checked them give them a looksy.

Shawn S.
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