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Chalek Gear Set

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Anyone heard anything about this new gear set?? It is much cheaper than getting a Full Dog, plus you get the street drivability. I myself am thinking of ordering one, because of the fact that it can hold up to 450HP. I guess that they are around $2,000 for the whole shabang.

Included components:

1st driven
2nd Driven
3rd & 4th cluster
3rd pinion
4th pinion
3rd and 4th hub
3rd and 4th slider
2 x 3rd and 4th synchro's
Necessary seals (3 off)

Check out the Gear Ratios:

Vehicle Speed at 6250 rpm redline with RS 4.11 differentials:

1st gear 3.18 ratio = 35.41 mph
2nd gear 1.94 ratio = 58.04 mph
3rd gear 1.35 ratio = 83.41 mph
4th gear 0.966 ratio = 116.57 mph
5th gear 0.78 ratio = 144.36 mph (not replaced, remains stock)
(bone stock RS is "drag limited" to 127mph)

Just take a look at the difference between 1st on the stock and the Chalek. WOW!!

Anyone that has ordered one of these gear sets please retort.:)
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It's Chalak. I just got corrected on it over at the eye club. :)
I am definetly keeping my eye on this set, as this could be a less expensive fix to our tranny troubles. I think most of the people who ordered them have recieved the set, so it shouldn't be long until we hear how they are holding up. I imagine that Larry will be the first to tell us.

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