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Well I haven't had my car for nearly 3 weeks due to putting it into a light pole, but my CEL has been on and off for about 6 months now. I never had the code pulled so I'm really not sure what the cause is.

Borla headers
Rallispec catback
ganzflo intake

The rest of my mods have been for appearance. This leads me to believe the headers are the cause. My guess is it will be a catalitic converter efficiency code.


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Your defiantly not the only one running around with the CEL on all the time sooner or later you will never even notice its on. Right not engine wise I have a

Exedy lightened flywheel
Borla headers
Random tech cat
Stromsung mid-pipe
Stromsung dual-tip
And a cheap ebay intake I modded to fit (which I still have to post some pictures off) which is so far the only thing to trigger a CEL

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It would be really nice if Subaru would address the problems that people are having with the aftermarket goodies and design a new chip, but we all know that will NEVER happen, but it would be nice.:)

Thanks for your replys guys

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I really didnt list all of my mods that could have possibly triggered the CEL, I just listed the 2 I thought it could be, in my opinion. Since you guys are listing everything, I had better join in:

Borla Header
Rallispec Straight Pipe
Direct Hits Ignition
Underdrive Pulley
COBB Intake
Exedy Flywheel
Clutchmaster Stage III
Arospeed Bomb Exhaust

Think that is it??


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26k on the clock, never *knock on wood* had a ce light yet.

have had in the following order.

JcSports intake...

stromung catback.


Accurit Performance Intake
Stromung Catback.

all together I have:

Mods, and its a lease :)

WRX/STi Version 5 suspension
Whiteline Adjustable Rear Sway Bar 18-22mm (set at 22mm)
Whiteline Solid Rear Sway Bar Endlinks
Whitleine Rear Strut Tower Bar
Accurit Performance Intake
Stromung Dual tip Cat back exhuast (2.25 midpipe)
Apexi S-AFC mounted in Center dash compartment
Sabelt Clubman Dual Release Harnesses (2)
Depo Clear Corners w/custom reflective '2.5 RS' stickers
OEM Subaru headlight protectors
Custom Subaru side window banners
"Subaru Impreza Tuned by STi" seatbelt shoulder pads (4) in yellow.
Kartboy short shifter and shifter bushings
JVC KDLX-10 head unit w/four Infinity Reference 652i speakers
Uniden Pro 520 CB w/ wilson 1000 knock-off trunk lid mount Antenna
Relocated compass gauge pack (udner radio)
Custom Alignment
Color Matched Side Skirts


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Here is ALL of my mods

Team Dynamics 17x7 Monza Rims
17" Kumho's
Oil Pressure Gauges
Block Temp Gauge
Boost Gauge
Voltage Gauge
Water Temp Gauge
2 Pod Pillar Gauge Mount
20mm Rear Sway Bar
Arospeed 4" Bomb Exhaust
Black Dashmat
Borla Header
COBB Intake
Carbon Fiber Center Console
Cat-Eliminator Pipe
Center Console Gauge Housing
Clear Corner Lenses w/ Red Bulbs
Cear Turn Signals
Clear Side Markers w/ Red Bulbs
Clear/Red WRX Tail Lights
Clutch Master Stage III Clutch
Greddy Front Lip Spoiler
H & R Springs
H & R Trac + Spacers
Hella 500 Fog Lights
KartBoy Muffler Hangers
Kartboy Fog Light Mounts
Indiglo Gauges
Exedy Lightened Flywheel
DirectHits Ignition
KYB/AGX Adjustable Struts
MOMO combat Shift Knob (Red)
MOMO Shift Boot (Red)
ScoobyRacing Torque Chip II
Short Throw Shifter w/ Cusco Bushings
Spectre Metal Weave Engine Dressing
STI Pink "i" Badge
STI Engine Mounts
STI Tranny Mount
STI V.5 Rear Wing w/LED
STI V.5 Fog Light Covers
Strut Tower Brace (Red)
Subaru Seat Belt Covers (Red)
Subaru Ski Rack
Underdrive Pulley (Red)
Cusco Vacanza Mud Flaps (Red)
Weapon R 4PT Harnesses (Red)
Weapon R Checkered Floor Mats (Red)

I think that is everything I have ever done to my car

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Ive been runnin with my CEL since the Random Tech cat install,pulled the code,catalyst inefficiancy,=not hot enough.
Like Poppa smurf said,you get used to it after a while.Gives the interior that warm fuzzy feeling at nite.If anybody asked what it is ,,I just tell em" its the nite lite;) ,,,you mean your car doesnt have one???"

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DoodieHead said:
It would be really nice if Subaru would address the problems that people are having with the aftermarket goodies and design a new chip.
Why would Subaru design a new chip for people who want to alter their vehicles with aftermarket parts? One you alter part of the exhaust system and get a CE light, that is no longer Subaru's resposibility. Hell, IIRC replacing undamaged cats before 50,000 miles is against federal law and subject to a stiff fine. So Subaru isn't going to go out of their way to make sure your CE light doesn't come on when the emissions devices come up not reporting correctly. That would be asking for federal fines.

To answer your question, when I was NA I only got the CE light after I added the Borla headers. I don't think any stereo or ICE mods caused a CE light so I won't list them. :p

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subenick said:
all you guys that got CEL's and have borla's...

what generation do you have?


Brand new Version 4s, just installed last week. The old P0420 (Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold) code. Came on in less than 100 miles after installation. I was pretty damn disappointed :( .

I just ordered the O2 sensor spacer from flat4 and we'll see if it corrects the problem. If not I'm taking the SOBs off :mad:.


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thats what i was worried about. the cat doesnt get hot enough to function efficiently and pop goes the cel.

are you guys running stock cat backs?

im thinking with a little more restriction at the cat back and i can retain enough heat to stop a cel from happining.

i guess ill just have to install them and find out

thanks for the input


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Just wondering about the people running aftermarket headers and getting the CEL; have you guys been to subaru to have the ECU reflash done to your cars. Subaru decided to flash the ECU to 04 specs. What this does is widen the 02 sensor band. Since the band is now wider you shouldn't be throwing a CEL. A friend of mine was running Brullen =lengths and always threw a CEL. Now after the reflash he bought a set of borla v4's and hasn't had a CEL yet, and he probably has 2000 miles on them by now. So if you haven't had the reflash done go down to the subaru dealer and see if you car falls under the ECU reflash re-call.
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At a SEMA show Alex Borla told me that he would warrantee any of his products regardless of what is done with it, not to worry. But I know of people who have been jacked around by Borla on other non-warranty stuff. Who knows, maybe he was being nice and was thinking "fuck you asshole" the whole time I was talking to him. :lol:
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