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hey guys.. i just went to autozone to check out my cel..
the first one i got since i got my car..
it runs fine, feels kind of jerky once in a while when i gas it..
and it also makes a some kind of noise that comes from the front
end of the car when i accelrate in first gear..

heres the codes he told me:

P0325 Knock Sensor 1 Circuit Malfunction (Bank 1 or Single Sensor) :(

and the other one was either

P1492 or P1442 i was in a rush when i wrote it down and cant read my hand writing :loser:

He told me that i need to go to a mechanic for the knock sensor..
and he told me the other code might just be a loose oil cap
but i checked it seems ok..
any one know what i need to replace in order to fix it..
and how much will it cost to take it to a mechanic?..
i dont have too much experience with cars..
so this is the first time i have to fix something..
thanks for the help

edit: just found out it was p1442
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