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CCR (NC/SC) 2002 Autocross schedule add to calendar!

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I have posted the tenative 2002 autocross schedule for Central Carolinas Region - SCCA in the calendar. If you live near North or South Carolina, please come join us for some events. Or if you're traveling in the area, bring the rental car out for some abuse! :) Our two best events will be the August 17th and 18th event which is held on 1/2 of a 2 mile road course in South Carolina. The other is August 31st & September 1st, which is our 24hr autocross. That's right, we run from 12noon on Saturday 'till 12noon on Sunday! :D
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Cool we get to Run Kershaw again. Actually, it will be a first time down there for me. And for those of you running STS in the Central Carolina Region, this one may be your best chance to win an STS trophy, seeing as how the crown prince of STS, Mr. Luxo Barge will be running that car in Solo I more than likely.
Oh I'll be running it in both events! As long as I get a roll-bar in! Everyone call Jerry Hagan at Prestige Subaru and tell him you want to see me run the Legacy in Solo 1! haha... :D

BTW: It's not decided yet, but there is a possiblity of two events at Kershaw next year! A possible late addition to the April schedule! :)

I am going to start running the outback more often if I can get this f'ing tranny leak fixed and some money in my bank account.

Looks like I'm also getting some 16" MY01RS rims.
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