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Catback or Pulleys?

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This sounds ALOT like my thread in this forum, but should I get a catback or Pulleys next?
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I think I may just get pulleys and start buying parts for a turbo like James..
good choice...

Hey joe, what pulleys are you going to get?
N1 lightened or underdrive?
how about both?
they have a Go Fast Bits pulley set that is lightened and underdriven. it is $220 with the smaller belts.

a good deal IMHO:)
You'll probably notice more difference with the pullies. They'll help the engine rev faster, and even free up a few horsies. The cat-back may get a few more ponies than the pullies, but you also run the risk of losing too much back-pressure and losing power on the low end or the powerband, while gaining on the top end. I'm not doing anything more than axle-back on mine unless I go with a forced induction system, don't want to lose any of that low-end grunt this engine is so great for!
The Go Fast Bits pulleys are only lightened from what Ive read on the page. Which pulleys are better, the N1 style, or the Go Fast bits as far as performance is concerned?

Hey joefocker20,

the Go fast bits pulleys are lightened and atleast one of them is underdriven. 2 light and 1 underdrive. I emailed and that is what the guy told me when I got his reply. he said lightened and underdriven. also, they come withe the belts. IMHO, you will get more gains from the Go fast bits pulley set instead of the N1 pulley set. plus, the GFB are $40 dollars cheaper.

hope this helps:sunny:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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