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Im good with my power mods, 04 STi Swap w/ 6spd and R180, so I turned to the interior and had to dress it up a bit. Decided to go with a CARPC, w/ a 7" Lilliput Transflective Touch Screen, 120GB Hard Drive, 1GB Ram, Navi, Bluetooth w/mic, WiFi, and a custom front bezel to relocate the HVAC controls. The computer runs on a Windows XP operating system with the Centrafuse Interface. I was able to customize the back splash with a logo I found.
We were able to relocate the HVAC controls to the bottom of the Double Din slot by lots of fabrication of the front bezel.
Will at hooked me up big time!
Pictures taken before HVAC controls reinstalled.
New pictures to come
This is how it looks:

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Very nice work! How's the viewing angle with the screen down that low?
I've been designing and piecing my carpc now for over a freakin' year. Sheesh.
I still can't decide if I want to put my screen where you have yours, or with a single DIN pullout where the center gauge pod goes.
Hey, what did you choose for a MB/CPU Combo? And, what video chipset is being used? And, finally, what resolution are you driving your screen at? I'm finding it difficult to find a good mini-ITX combo that has an onboard video chipset that can do the native 800x480 resolution of most of the 7" screens.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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