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So I came out to my car this afternoon to find that my car stereo was stolen. Fan-fucking-tastic.
I know absolutely nothing about CD decks. Here are some pictures. I does not look like they took any wiring (which I think is good?), just the actual deck. Can I just put another CD player in its place. I had a Panasonic one that let me control my iPod through the deck itself.

My other concern is that a hole that looks like it is a mount for the deck has been destroyed. How crucial is this hole?

At least they didnt jack my free guac or my good luck Chipper Jones card! :lol:


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if you can find the piece that flew off you should be able to epoxy it back in. The alternative is to epoxy a nut in there..only problem is getting it to line up.

Sorry to hear it got jacked man, but at least they didn't get your ipod or free guac.

Actually, IIRC the screws that hold the ol radio in are large pitch self tapping, in that case, just epoxy a piece of sheet metal in there and get some sheet metal screws.

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what to do next, get a new stereo.

I dont know if you should call the cops... may be on your insurance then.

Sucks bro, hope it wasn't too expensive.


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The damaged mounting hole should not be an issue - you have 3 more. 3 out of 4 should be fine. I think. I'd have to see the mounting plate (which I suspect they took). If it's only two, then ... yeah ... do some finangling.... :lol:

Lucky they did not cut the wires. Just go buy a new deck, get a Subaru wire harness adaptor, solder or crimp the wires of the harness to the deck, then plug the harness into the car, mount it, and you're good to go. 30 minutes tops if you have all the tools.

Or pay the store $45 to install it. Easy either way.

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Yeah wires are still there, just buy the harness and your good to go. I say go to best buy or wal-mart even for the harness, the guys at the stereo stores seem to charge more. And don't spend the extra money for installation, unless you want their warranty with the deck, cause most places will sucker you in for the installation so that they can get some extra money and their reason is that if the deck should go bad, they'll replace it for you on the spot, but without their installation, they'll send it to the manufacturer. But I believe best buy installs if you buy from them free of charge.

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thieves are soo stupid. i was in jersey today, and my friend got his alpine unit stolen out of his car. they didnt take his wallaet wich was right on the console, or his ipod. the alpine unit they stole however, requires a "brain" unit to operate, so it is totally useless without it.

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1-you'll need the metal mounting plates for each side to hold the deck in
2-buy your harness and go to circuit city and buy a cd player over $100 and they won't charge to put it in if you have the parts
3-best buy doesn't put them in for free (the one near us tried for a short period of time but went back to charging)

Or just do it yourself. Solder the deck harness to the subaru adapter harness, screw the plates to the radio and screw the entire assembly in. Piece of cake
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