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MY00 2.5RS 2Dr BRP
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Ok, so I'm making a right turn, going up a slight incline, maybe 20-30 degrees up.

As I pull up the car just died. The CEL came on. I rolled in the middle of the street, so I started the car again, it fired up fine, then I parked it.

I got out and checked the oil level and it was fine.
I checked the coolant level and it was fine.
I didn't see any leaks or anything like that and the gas tank is half full.

It was really hot today I had my AC on pretty high.

Can you guys think of anything that would do that?

Here's what I have done to the engine.

1. Weapon R intake with K & N cone filter
2. Unorthodox Racing Underdrive Pulley
3. Magnecor KV-85 Spark plug wires
4. Stromung dual tip

Could I need new spark plugs? Would the pulley have anything to do with it?

any help would be much appreciated.

thanks guys
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