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Hello guys, I have an 02 2.5 RS. I just finished my head gasket job, along with timing, water pump, and all of the normal stuff people do with head gaskets. I also put a used one radiator in. I finished this all yesterday, and after realizing I didn’t plug in the crank sensor and that I needed to for it to start, I drove it for a while. I got probably around 20 miles on it, and it just died on me. My gas gauge went as low as it can, and my temp gauge went as high as it can, when the engine was still coolish. I know it didn’t overheat. Also my fans turned on, and will stay on if the key is out of the ignition. As soon as I turn the key to the on position, the fans shut off, and after 20 more seconds, the temp gauge will go all the way back down slowly. I also noted that my dash lights don’t work, which was that way before, and my taillights don’t work. After it died, my charger port, which didn’t work before, started working.
This is a weird occurance to me. What do you guys think the problem is? Could it be the crankshaft sensor? I am guessing it is some sort of fuse, or sensor. The car ran perfect before. Thanks in advance.
Edit- The car just cranks and cranks. It does not fire. It seems to me it cranks the same as if the crankshaft sensor was unplugged.
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