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Hi everyone

Just wondering if anyone may have an idea what is wrong with my car
I've got a 1993 GC8 wrx which has a few minor mods such as 3" exhaust (no cat), TD05 turbo, chipped ECU, aftermarket fuel pressure regulator, yellow top injectors

When the car is under load i get to approx 6,000 RPM (just below this to be honest) and its like i've hit a wall? The boost guage is still showing full boost, the fuel pressure gauge doesn't drop or anything. Once i change gears it bogs for a little bit then back into life untill i reach that rev range again

If its in neutral i can rev it while not moving and it will go over 6K
No fault codes are coming up also

Any idea's would be great :) I've tried another ECU and that didn't change anything

I'm currently trying to get hold of another MAF sensor as i have been told these can play up?
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