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Can you believe somebody said this to me lastnight?!?

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I just got off of work last night and i was at my car in the parking lot. A guy walks up to me and here's the little conversation that we had:

Strange Guy: Hey are you interested in selling your car?

Me: Psshh! No way man!

Strange Guy: Well you know i work for mazda and i could get you
a good deal on a new MP3.

Me: You're kidding right? You think i would sell my impreza for an MP3?!?

Strange Guy: It's like a better newer version of your car.

Me: No.... It's like an imatation wannabe version of my car that's quite ugly.

Strange Guy: Well it's your loss, but if you change your mind just stop by mazda.

Me: *laughing* Whatever... *laughing some more*

After that i just got in my car and drove away. I can't believe this guy just came up to me trying to get me to buy an MP3. I mean my car has the huge subaru swoosh decals in yellow on the side of my car and you could see that i'm proud of my car and subaru, but this guy thought i would prefer an MP3...
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I dunno, those MP3's are pretty slick.:cool:

Nick C.
Despite the lack of HP, and wrong wheel drive... those little MP3's are kinda sweet. Racing Beat did the suspension for them.. and did a DAMN good job! Nothing to sell your Impreza for... but if you're in the market for a new car in that price range... something to AutoX with... it's pretty slick.
LOL.. The MP3 is crap..

It tested pretty well in slalom, if I'm not mistaken.. But it looks like Shitaki compaired to our GC8's.

Screw the immitation.. wannabe crap.. I can't believe the nerve of that Mazda guy!
haha! you need to borrow one of my favorite things to say......"NOT TODAY CHUMP!"

Sid :D
I kinda like the MP3.

but yeah, wrong wheel drive, and WAY too little power.

but they look nice, and they handle great. They are an awesome AutoX car.
Supercharge it, then you have an Autocross car! ;)
The MP3's handle well stock, but lack balls (sounds familiar).

Tell him you'll trade it on a RX8, then see where his loyalty lies.
Supercharger? They're already making a turbo kit for the MP3... although I can't remember who makes it.
My mom has an MP3. It's actually a pretty nice little car. It could use more power, but the suspension could easily handle another 40 HP, no problem. The shifter feels pretty nice (I would make the throw a little shorter). But the thing handles like it's on rails, doesn't feel like a FWD car. I like them, but I wouldn't trade my RS for one, that's for sure!
Sorry For Hijacking but you'll like this

Fell Free to harass the hell out of this me

AznTrendzMR2 [3:09 AM]: yO
HndaTch627 [3:09 AM]: sup?
AznTrendzMR2 [3:09 AM]: n2m...u?
HndaTch627 [3:09 AM]: nothin at all
AznTrendzMR2 [3:09 AM]: so, u honda tech?
HndaTch627 [3:09 AM]: yup
AznTrendzMR2 [3:10 AM]: from a dealership
AznTrendzMR2 [3:10 AM]: or what
HndaTch627 [3:10 AM]: yeah
HndaTch627 [3:10 AM]: dealer tech
AznTrendzMR2 [3:10 AM]: oh...

AznTrendzMR2 [3:10 AM]: u white
HndaTch627 [3:10 AM]: yup
AznTrendzMR2 [3:10 AM]: ?
AznTrendzMR2 [3:10 AM]: u know alot about civics, i take it
HndaTch627 [3:10 AM]: yeah
AznTrendzMR2 [3:11 AM]: u race?
HndaTch627 [3:11 AM]: yup
AznTrendzMR2 [3:11 AM]: ona krew?
HndaTch627 [3:11 AM]: nope...i am a club racer
HndaTch627 [3:11 AM]: not a street racer
AznTrendzMR2 [3:11 AM]: what club
HndaTch627 [3:12 AM]: SCCA
AznTrendzMR2 [3:12 AM]: ic
HndaTch627 [3:12 AM]: and this summer BMWCCA
AznTrendzMR2 [3:12 AM]: scca...wats that
HndaTch627 [3:12 AM]: Sports Car Club of America, BMW Car Club of America
AznTrendzMR2 [3:12 AM]: how old are u
AznTrendzMR2 [3:12 AM]: 20's?
HndaTch627 [3:13 AM]: 21
AznTrendzMR2 [3:13 AM]: koo
AznTrendzMR2 [3:13 AM]: what u drive
HndaTch627 [3:13 AM]: 2001 Subaru Impreza RS
AznTrendzMR2 [3:14 AM]: koo...
AznTrendzMR2 [3:14 AM]: that not so gr8 man
AznTrendzMR2 [3:14 AM]: wrx or nothing
HndaTch627 [3:14 AM]: why is that not so great?
HndaTch627 [3:14 AM]: WRX or nothing my ass?
HndaTch627 [3:14 AM]: i didn't buy my car cause it has the MOST horsepower
HndaTch627 [3:15 AM]: i bought my car because i love it
AznTrendzMR2 [3:15 AM]: AWD my friend
HndaTch627 [3:15 AM]: the last rally i raced in i beat QUITE a few WRX's and i am stock
AznTrendzMR2 [3:15 AM]: that the beuty of it
HndaTch627 [3:15 AM]: my car is AWD
AznTrendzMR2 [3:15 AM]: u must of spent alot then
AznTrendzMR2 [3:15 AM]: lol
HndaTch627 [3:15 AM]: every subaru since 96 was all wheel drives
HndaTch627 [3:15 AM]: umm hello a car is NOT fast...a DRIVER is fast
AznTrendzMR2 [3:16 AM]: whatever u say
HndaTch627 [3:16 AM]: okay?
HndaTch627 [3:16 AM]: i do have a slight clue as to what i am talking know what i have done to my car>?? a suspension and a K&N filter
HndaTch627 [3:16 AM]: and that's it
AznTrendzMR2 [3:16 AM]: its the car and the driver
HndaTch627 [3:16 AM]: i run 87 octane gas
HndaTch627 [3:17 AM]: do you know how many years the WRX has been made for?
AznTrendzMR2 [3:18 AM]: no, dont lookinto that
HndaTch627 [3:18 AM]: well FYI the WRX has been made since 1994 and w/o the sales that MY car had here it would have NEVER come to the US
AznTrendzMR2 [3:19 AM]: u got a pic of your car?
HndaTch627 [3:19 AM]: it was nothing but a pipe dream, but when the TRUE racing enthusiasts bought up the RS's they decided that it might be a good idea
HndaTch627 [3:19 AM]: it's on my homepage
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Hndatch627, sorry to hear your little story, that guy is an idiot.

everyone that jumped on the banwagon of the WRX b4 knowing anything about the car expect HP and AWD is a idiot. if i had meet with that guy and he started to flame the gc8 i would just flame the hell out of him.

i love the gc8, disappointed that it didnt come as the WRX but i love how it looks and feels.

i hope those ppl that dont know about imprezas expect the WRX will get their heads out of their asses and get educated.

Dude, that kid needs to learn how to type. Oh man, the typing atrocities in there are enough to make me cringe. It's like the horrible car wreck that you can't stand to look at but are drawn into. Craziness.
let them keep typing like that. if thats how they want to learn english...fine by me. soon theyll be so used to it that they will type up their college essays (if they even get in) with n2m and koo and the teacher will flunk their dumbasses. then later in life theyll come to my company looking for a job and ill just say l8z
i thought you guys might get a kick outta that...stupid people make me laugh :D
That guy must have seen my car first and then thought that all RS's were FWD (or something) cause my RS is the only non-AWD ever produced! That guy can learn English better than I can.

Nick C.
Tell him to get an MP3 and race you on a dirt road. IF he wins you will consider it. WHEN he loses has to put a sign up at the Mazda place he works at saying "Subaru Is Better"

Of course, he may have just been wanting you to trade in your car because he wants to pick it up cheap.
Tell him to get an MP3 and race you on a dirt road. IF he wins you will consider it. WHEN he loses has to put a sign up at the Mazda place he works at saying "Subaru Is Better"
LoL! Sounds like a good idea.
Rally race results would be:

MP3---> :flame: <---Impreza

Of course, he may have just been wanting you to trade in your car because he wants to pick it up cheap.
That might be it, how can you not want a GC8?
I would buy a mp5 if it had AWD ....and if I remember JRSC are coming out for both of them (mp3/mp5).
My boy has a mp5 its one sweet wagon.
There is only ONE Mazda in my mind. The 3rd Gen RX-7!!!
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