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1993 Miata-T
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Anyone in CO have a built up NA RS? Is it pretty fast at this altitude if so?

I have the following power mods now
Ganz w/ K&N
BORLA Headers
Stromung Catback
Mr Josh's Pulley
Random Tech Cat

And Im buying the following very soon
Cobb Street Cams
Bored TB
Exedy Flywheel
Cobb Clutch

What should I expect?

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Dont expect to much, Cams really shine with turbos :( as does everything.

Im not sure what cams those are but you can expect a gain of 10-15whp from a good NA cam set. It will be one of the best mods you have on your engine.

The flywheel and clutch will help reponse, a little. Mostly just rev a little quicker. Alsmost the same feeling you get with the underdrive pulley... but way better obviously.

Your taking the right steps to have a fast NA car, at least for NA...

I had the exact same mods done to one of my first 240sx's back in the day and it hauled some ass compared to stock 240's. I only use this as a reference since 240sx are 2.4l.
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