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15,500$ clean title and barr’D in CA.

I am going to attempt to sell this again, I have a family on the way now so its time to sell it. Please no trades and no joy rides, If you want to test drive, you need to have cash in hand or a deposit.

The history on the motor, It is a EJ207, with 205 heads to run usdm ecu, The car is Bar'd with sticker in engine bay. All the work was performed by myself, besides the wiring, I have sent it to Iwire to have it done professionally. There is no Check Engine Light, or any lights on the cluster, the engine runs smooth and no leaks throughout the car.

Some minor mods you may want to do in the future is, AOS, 4th cylinder cooling mod, and new tires, I have went on to many canyon runs on the tires, so they will have to be replaced.

02C professional painted 1 year old. has 4 years of paint warranty.
-I have title in hand and both key fobs with remotes
-2001 Subaru 2.5rs 4 door wrx swapped and BAR’D within 2 months of owning the car. I did all the work myself besides the wire merge,
- engine was from a donor 2002 wrx wagon
-All the suspension bushings were replaced when the swap was done,
-Clean title 199xxx on ODO, all bushing and drivetrain components were replaced.
-100k on actual ej207 engine with receipts from previous owner that had work done to it!
-IWIRE wire harness merge, Receipt included
-Front and rear brembo brakes with new S/S brake lines. NEW DBA front and rear rotors slotted f type. with new pads installed
-power everything! A/C works great in summer, heater works in winter
-front and rear sti seats
-complete interior panels with working sunroof
-Volk TE37 SL 18x10 +40 Offset
-2004 STI COMPLETE drivetrain install, Fresh Mutol oil change upon installation, hubs, axles, control arms, has been replaced,
-Latest DCCD SPYDER controller purchased by Iwire, Controller etc as well installed, has auto/manual switches with adjustable lock switch.
-whiteline rear 22mm sway bar, new bushings
-whiteline 20mm Front swaybar, new bushings
-whiteline rear lateral links
-whiteline rear adjustable camber arms
-whiteline anti lift kit
-Megan racing street coilovers
-Group N engine and transmission mounts
-Perrin Pitchstop mounts
-Whiteline shifter bushing and short throw shifter
-NRG quick disconnect steering wheel, with lock and 2 sets of keys
-MoMo steering wheel D shape
-Battery relocation to the trunk,
  • Brake flush with Mutol 660
  • Kaizen Lighting C light with ACME super 2.5 Bi xenon mini h1 projectors headlights

Engine MODS:
-VF48 turbo with GrimmSpeed wastegate shut
- GrimmSpeed uppipe with Tial40mm ewg
-Invidia Turbo back exhaust
-GrimmSpeed ebcs
-Cobb short air intake( made a custom box to get rid of the heat soak
-Fms front mount intercooler
-Cobb v3 accessport E85/91 tune
-ID1k injectors
-custom made intake box
-E85 ethanol tuned by Phatbotti tuning in Anaheim CA
-350/350 WHP/Torque to the wheels,
-new OEM coilpacks installed
-new 1 step colder spark plugs
-timing belt, water pump, etc has been done before installing motor

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I think I contacted you the first time around when this was for sale. Does it pass smog in California as it sits? I don't have your number anymore, but I've sent mine via PM. Thanks!

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Sucks you have to get rid of it! Amazing car. Good luck (y)

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wait, if engine is from 02 wrx, how is it swapped with 04 sti drivetrain?
Drivetrain = transmission and accessories while powertrain = engine and transmission and accessories.
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Is the engine a ej207 or 205? Your previous post says that its an ej205 off a wrx wagon. Can you verify the engine with paper work?
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