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Someone sent this to me and I don't have a clue - anyone else out there know what's up?

Hi, I have a little problem with a cabin air filter install, thought you might be able to shed some light on it? I own a MY2001 Impreza RS and recently purchased a cabin filter to replace the old one. The instructions say that the filter goes behind the glove box. So, I removed the glove box and do not see anything remotely larger enough to fit this filter into(it's
quite large 10'' by 8"). They say in the instructions that there is a filter cover to remove but I don't see one? Is it possible there is another place to install the filter, may under the driver's side, or could it be possible the dealer sold me the wrong filter or something, possibly for a 2002? I will continue to search for other install instructions, but if you have any
info it's very appreciated.
I have no idea where this thing goes, and have never tooled around under my dash... :confused:

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They gave him one for the new style Impreza. Have him do a search on our scoobymods site under cabin air filter. I have the install directions scanned in there.

I'd post the link but I have this strange intermittent problem where I can't access the site from home for days at a time. Not sure why all other sites work fine. I have to wait till I get to work to check the site. It pisses me off :curse:


PS the filter for the GC8 is up by the left foot of the passenger under the dash. It goes between the fan and condenser. If you don't have the hatch (most don't unless you already have the kit like it sounds this guy does) you have to cut out this knock out and install a hatch they have to supply.
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