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2006 STI, 99STiL
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Pretty sure of the response I will get here, but I might as well!! :)

This is pretty much my build thread, with the "bad" added to honesty and accuracy.

PRICE: Looking for 14k. Or trade for a truck.

I am open to negotiations based on buyers needs...just talk to me. I can swap mods, remove uninstalled mods, etc and adjust the price accordingly. If you have specific questions, or need specific pics etc, just ask.

IF you want/need it BAR'ed (most Cali buyers probably will) I can make that happen, but this is posted on several forums, so I want to ensure a serious buyer. I will probably return it to STI stock and pursue this regardless but I am lacking time at the moment and it is still a DD.

Please no hate on here. If you are not interested for that price, move on or make an offer.

Looking to buy a truck so trades are an option. Prefer a Dodge between 98 and 06 depending how clean it is. Not looking for a beat to **** farm/ mountain truck that had been chipped and modded.

1999 Impreza L with 2006 WRX/ STI swap

LINK TO BUILD THREAD and more pics

Not the bucket from Rally Sport Direct, either. Mine was the first, and the best.


In the spring of 2009, after swapping a built block into my 06, I had an extra engine and an itch to do a swap. I acquired an STI transmission that needed some work, and 90% of the bits to complete an STI drivetrain.

I had a 98L AT, but I REALLY wanted to swap a Coupe...and start with a manual if possible. I scoured the classifieds all over the net for a decent RS, but true to form, everone wants an INSANE amount of cash for even the most sorry piece of an RS.

So in July of 2011, as I returned from 8 weeks in new Mexico fighting fires, I found a 1999 L in pretty decent shape in Chico. With a little conversation, the enlisting of my buddy (who is now proud owner of the 98L) a quick drive to Chico, and of course CASH...I was the owner of a 1999L with a clean title and minimal issues.

Upon arrival at work the first day after purchase, a coworker yelled "Its LA FLAMA BLANCA!!" After Kenny Powers in the second season of Eastbound and Down. Obviously the name stuck!!

I have since swapped on an 99-01 OBS/RS hood and fenders, HID headlights, clear corners and side lights, JDM Tails, and an RS bumper. A few other bits too ;)

Car has almost 30k miles since the swap with NO issues. The trans had a broken shift interlocker when I purchased it, so I shipped it to Gear Works in San Lorenzo (Thanks Mike!!) and had the 3rd-6th synchros replaced while I was at it. Tail housing was replaced as well (see pics in build thread) with proper shim tolerences set by the shop according to 05 STI FSM.


Subaru Impreza L COUPE

VIN: jf1gm4358xg401224




Humboldt County, CA (250 miles NORTH of the Bay area)

Project Build

2006 WRX swap with VF39 and STI drivetrain


- Redline Goods Leather shift boot
- Redline Goods Leather e-brake boot
- Redline Goods armrest cover
- Zealous (RIPT, Reinhart Interiors) Leather door panel inserts (half assed job...rears especially could use replacing but at least it matches)
- Zealous black molded carpet (MILES better than old OEM carpet, but I mis-trimmed some places, so it is not perfect)
- 2000 RS Coupe (GREY) door panels are rear interior panels
- Leather front and rear RS seats
- A, B, C Pillar trim and misc console trim painted with Plasti-Dip
- V5/6 JDM STI Cluster w/ MPH conversion and functioning DCCD lighting. Works flawlessly.
- Bakemono center dash 3 gauge pod
- 2002-2003 WRX Momo Steering Wheel OR 2006 WRX Steering Wheel


- 2000 OBS hood (Blue JDM aluminum hood available for $400)
- V6 JDM grill
- Aspen White RS mirrors
- Depo Clear corner markers
- Depo Clear side markers
- Depo clear turn signals
- Depo headlights w/ black trim, Morimoto H1 HID retrofit, gatling gun shrouds
- Morimoto ballasts and bulbs
- JDM Tails
- WINGLESS currently, but RS wing available albeit with crappy paint.
- RS bumper with Ebay fog covers
- Rear window and rear sides have 5% "limo tint". Also has tint stripe across windshield.


- 06 WRX EJ255 w/ 95k miles (ORIGINAL engine from my 06 WRX so I am the ONLY owner/driver. UOA almost every oil change since 27k miles with great results)
- VF-39 Turbo with about 85k miles
- Stock injectors, airbox, BPV
- MAC 3 port BCS, plug and play with OEM harness. Can reinstall OEM 2 port if required.
- Perrin turbo inlet (Black), can return to OEM if required
- Walbro 255 LPH fuel pump


- Engine has never been past stage 2 (turbo back exhaust, 3 port BCS, 650cc DW injectors, APS intake, Perrin inlet, ported manifolds)
- OEM tune for first 10k miles.
- EQ Tuning tune for about 20k. (2007)
- Tuned by Mike Warfield of GST Motorsports from the 30k mark until it was pulled for the build block. (2008-2009)
- After the swap I began with OEM tune and proceed VERY conservatively with one small mod at a time. Most recent compression check was 158-160 across the board which is great for an STI with 80-90k on it!! Will take new compression test soon and post pics.
- Depending on buyers needs I can reload OEM tune or any variation in between. I have all versions saved with complete map notes so that is no issue.
- NEVER had severe knock, boost or fuel cut. I have always monitored via AP or laptop.
- Always been tuned to 18 PSI for Cali crap gas.


- 05 STI 6 Speed, rebuild 25k miles ago with fresh 06+ carbon synchros for 3rd-6th
- R180 Rear Diff
- 05 STI 5x114 Hubs and Axles with new rear wheel bearings at time of swap
- Front and Rear GD subframes
- L/RS Steering Rack w/ Whiteline Bushings
- Kartboy front and rear Shifter Bushings
- TIC shifter pivot bushings
- TIC Tranny Crossmember Bushings
- Cusco Tranny Mount
- Cusco Engine mounts
- Spiider DCCD Deluxe Controller w/ OEM buttons and functional cluster DCCD lights (Current model Spiider controller from late 2011)
- TIC Rear Diff bushings
- TIC Rear Outrigger bushings


- 05 STI Brembos F/R, Blacked out
- Stoptech pads with 70-80% or more
- Goodridge Stainless Brake Lines


- I-Wire Merged harness 99L <> 06 WRX
- Daddy's SCP Ultra Basic Green Faced Gauges. Boost, EGT and EGT
- AEM AFR w/ Gauge


- Cobb Catted downpipe or OEM 06 WRX Downpipe
- Bosal (SPT) Catback
- Ported and coated OEM manifolds


- GD WRX/STI Radiator with 99L fans (plug and play)
- STI high pressure cap *bling!*
- custom radiator mounts on top


- Stock STI Struts revalved to JDM spec by Feal Suspension in Rancho Cucamonga CA. Have about 8k miles on them.
- OEM STI Springs
- Group-N front top hats/ strut tops. New at time of swap.
- STI Aluminum Lateral Links w/ TIC Bushings
- TIC Trailing Link Bushings F/R
- 89-91 Legacy Rear Top hats/ strut tops (NEW) Ensures WRX and STI suspension drops into old chassis with no mods. New at time of swap.
- STI Aluminum Front Control Arms with new OEM rear control arm bushings, free caster mod, and shims to add caster.


Federal 595 RS-R 225x45x17 Summer tires. About 35-40% tread.
Bridgestone LM-22 225x45x17 Snow tires. About 40-50% tread.

Uninstalled Mods Included:

- TIC shift linkage bushings (full joint)
- Tigwerkz 321ss Uppipe and Crosspipe. BEAUTIFUL pieces!! Worth $500

THE BAD!!!!:

- NO AC. I could not figure how to get it to work with an OEM radiator so I pulled it.

- Car is NOT California BAR certified. I was going to after the original swap, but I was lacking the air pump crossover pipe for the 06 WRX engine. I have all of the parts, but I removed this back in 07-08 and never replaced it. If BAR certification is a concern PM me and we can discuss options over the phone. I can get the part and reinstall ALL air pump parts, oem ECU map, OEM downpipe etc, if needed.

- Car "needs" paint. If you are looking for a car show queen, this will not be it without some work. The door molding was shaved, and a couple dents were filled, but some of the paint is starting to peel over this work. A couple minor surface rust spots where the rear fenders were pulled, but no "East Coast" type rust in the rear fender areas. Car is, for the most part, rust free. No hidden cancer here.

Hood, front fenders, and bumper were painted by myself and a friend with "Championship White" paint. Did the best job we could, and it has held up very well for 2 years, but it is not a pro job. Pics will show that it does not match from the doors back, but at least it is white.

If you are looking for a full STI drivetrain the runs great but is not beautiful, this is your car!! GREAT start for a rally or track car.

- Dent on bottom of radiator core support. This affects nothing aside from lining up one bolt on an aftermarket skid plate.

- Transmissions shifts VERY well with 06 STI dual carbon synchros. Reverse is a little finicky and occasionally requires double clutching. I have parts to fix but have never had the time to pull tranny. Not a big issue, but I am a proponent of full disclosure.

- Power steering pump makes a little noise for 5-10 seconds on cold starts.

- Typical rattles for a 14 year old car.

2006 STI, 99STiL
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I will get some pics up of the headlight beam spread (GREAT headlights!!) and other things that I think folks will like.

In the meantime, more pics and the build thread!!

These are old pics with the L bumper by the way.


2006 STI, 99STiL
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Back available due to a flaky buyer wasting my time for the last 1.5 months.

Prefer out of state buyers, but the car will be CA state BAR'ed by the end of March.
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