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Buzzing noise from 4EAT

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I'm kinda worried now about my 4EAT. While parking in my garage after a short drive, I shifted from D thru P. When it rested in P, the auto-transmission made a 1 sec soft buzzing noise. I then shifted through the gears and then into P several times, still hearing this buzzing noise.

Please would someone tell me if there is a problem with my 4EAT. Besides this buzzing noise which I never noticed before, it's been working fine. I checked the Tranny Oil and it was in okay level.

Thanks for the replies.
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I ocassionally get a buzzing noise in my 4EAT - when I am sitting still it's very noticible. However, I've had no problems with it so I am ignoring it at this point. I have no idea what it is - but I think it comes from the back of my car, so I am wondering if it's the fuel pump kicking in or something??? :confused:

I should probably take it to the dealer before my warranty expires in 1000 miles! :D
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