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yupp figured it would be easier to just post everything in one thread.

gc fog covers. genuine or replica. willing to pay for authentics not willing to pay as much for reps. CHECK! thank you Bansheeboy11!

Hella off road lights
they're going on my light bar, so some big off roading lights would be great. dunno what i had before, bought em from here. 500's or FF's or what. idk:run:

version 7 STi wheels, i have a set of 01 rs 6 spokes for trade + cash.
06 wrx wheels, bbs wheels, anything that looks balller on a gc i'm interested in.

i'm kinda on the lookout for a sti wheel, not the 3 spoke ones, i have an 03 momo wheel but its kinda beat and no cruise so just lookin for a nicer replacement.

i need a fog light switch, oe style.
JDM tails. i mean c'mon who DOESNT want jdm tails? :blol:

i have a BUNCH of stuff for trade if interested but i do have cashola dont get me wrong.
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^^^ am i doing that wrong? just clicky my subaru parts stufff
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