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2003 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS, Asp
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maybe peeps had seen my past threads on nasioc: wanted to share with you guys.

basically i put 06 projectors in the ebay morette/wrc/uk300 copy dual beam headlights. the optics sucks in those and i got these used, painted wrb, with cracked glass, for 20 bucks plus 5 bucks shipping or whatever.

here's what i've been doing.


front element from OEM lights
ebay dual beam lights
06 wrx projectors
jb weld
silicon sealant
shroud materials of your choosing

what i did to start:

-paint the ebay dualbeam headlight housing to your liking
-trim the clear covers so they will fit over the ebay housings

-take the glass off of the hi-beam, since it will be covered by the oem housing cover.
-install and seal cover with silicon.
-install some low beams. i was in a hurry to get them together so i put in sealed h3 fog lights and wired them to my low beams on my previously made relay harness.
you get this:

obviously, fog lights don't work for low beams and i only did it because i was pressed for time. so, back in:

i took 06 wrx h7 projectors and made brackets for them, also put on shrouds made from a chrome plastic bracelet i cut in half and an stovetop grease trap bezel thingy.

the tough part of this is mounting the large projector(most projectors are too wide for the ebay housing tunnels) to the headlight housing. for this, i am using L brackets, JB weld, and bolts.

the shroud will go into the tunnel and the mounting plates will be outside of it on the tabs. we'll see how it works soon. i'm guessing not well. aiming these is going to be near impossible.

I also hated the look of the lights so to JDM them up i put electrical tape on the front. this is the poorman's version so i don't mind if they look ghetto. that's actually the point for my purpose- perform like stock or better and look like ass.

so i put the black tape on and am anxiously awaiting putting the lo-beams in.

they will not be sealed unless i can figure some way to enclose the projector from the back. that's the big question. i've thought of using abs plumbing pipe, abs gardening pipe, and making a box from scratch with scrap plastics. i don't know what i'll do. there's not a lot of room to work with since there's not a lot of room behind the driver's side light.

the reason i am not trying to make these look awesome is because i have real JDM's. i'm just doing this so my beam pattern will be proper USDM LHD and my **** won't get ****ed with. without the real jdm's, my car doesn't look impressive. it looks stock with holes in the trunk:lmao:

anyway, i bought all of these things used so the materials have been under 100 dollars. they won't win any beauty contests and they won't fool anyone, but at least they're not koji-modded and at least they light up the road well.

2003 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS, Asp
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made some progress and some more uglification today...

got tired of the tape and wanted the housings themselves black so i painted parts of the housing black. unfortunately i didn't get all the silly-cone off and the paint didn't do so hot. neither did my masking.

alllllllso got really scared that the only thing people could see of my turn signal was the filament. i guess reflectors are too hard to even feign designing for the bastards who made these housings.

so, now my car looks like a truck barfed on it, complete with truck-stop-hooker-mascara.

and the silly cone bubbling:

looks like my lights have genital warts!

turn signal lens:

yay, now my lights say DOT on them. all but highbeam are DOT stamped so it damn well deserves it.

anyway, the saga of ugly continues.

i'm waiting for the lens cover sealant to dry right now.

this is kinda funny, but they look the same even with all i did now that the covers are on and the tape is still on the covers. maybe once the sealant is hard i'll take the tape off and we'll see what kind of difference it makes.

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pretty awesome project...i cant wait to see the final result :).....i may try my luck at it in a few months

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This is an interesting retrofit and it all stays within the OEM boundary!! Nice. So u have a custom harness for the wiring?? Can I see some pics of the beam pattern. Might attempt this
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