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Alright guys/gals.. finally time to do the buddy club gb *ooooooh ahhhhhhhhh* Well basically, we can get just about anything from them, but we're starting off with the Racing Spec Dampers.

-18 Way Adjustable Shocks
-Fully Rebuildable shocks
-Customized Spring rates (or a standard set spring rate)
-Height Adjustable
-Adjustable Camber Pillow Mounts

I'm looking to get 10 comitted, but will settle for 6. Price at 10 comitted is $1500 shipped! price for 6-8 is $1550 Shipped! price for under 6 is $1600 + shipping.

We also can get any type of rim made by buddy club, as well as short shifters and etc. Don't hesitate to ask.

BTW: I did some research, and yes there are similar products out there that run either the same price, or cheaper, but, why be like everyone else? This isn't an attempt to get a cheap sale but, honestly Buddy Club isn't just some cheesey company, they are one of the Top Companies in japan as well as highly reknown.

Visit their website to view some of the products.


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I just bought a engine, but I eventually plan to get these coilovers as you already know.

How much for a set of the Buddy Club P1 cast wheels in gunmetal??

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