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Orgainization time!!!

(including wiring diagram)

Subaru FSM's for most models (Including wiring diagrams): Directory /Auto/Japan/Subaru/Impreza/

What radiator I used: Access Denied

Though I had to make a custom crossover pipe to get the outlet to the thermostat cover.

Fun with 2-piece tophats, and H&R's
Fun with a spinning EVO/BRZ story
New garage!

Bought the wagon after months of searching for a black OBS for sale. Ended up driving to new york for a Green '95 L with 97,000 miles on it. $2500. It was a 1.8, completely stock... It didn't stay that way long.

Very first mod I did to it was to put on my spare set of WRX wheels. Khumo ecsta MX in a 225/50/16 made it handle pretty well for a shitty little L.

Next I put on a set of Hella 500 amber lights. Made up some brackets and put 'em on the front bumper where the licence plate went. These were followed by my FF1000's which were left over from my previous car. Bent up some brackets and put 'em on the roof!

Next up was the sound system. Again, a leftover from my previous car, Elemental designs 11kv.2's in a sealed box with a 1200w amp. Followed that up with a pioneer head unit.

Swapped on an exhaust next, big mistake, the shop that did the work did everything completely wrong, and now i'm left with ~4" of ground clearance... Not happy to say the least, but at least now my car has a big 'ol fart can and is loud as fsck.

After that, I decided to make it handle a bit better. I had a WRX swaybar sitting in my basement from my previous car, but the L had no swaybar brackets. So I had the fun task of replacing the rear lateral links, and installing brackets so that I could put the sway bar on. Lots of fun.

However, the sway bar was the second best mod I had ever made to a car, it completely changed the way the car felt and handled. The only better mod? the tires.

After the sway bar, my 1.8 decided that it really wanted to kill me. In early feburary, 2007 I had some stomach pains for a day, got really really bad at night, decided at 6am after getting no sleep that I probably should go to the ER. So, I dragged my hurting ass outside, got into my car and turned the key, nothing. Wouldn't turn at all. It had been knocking a little bit earlier that day and apparently decided that running my ass to the ER was too much of a hassle. So I got a ride from a friend, only to find out that my appendix had burst. A week later when I got out, I had some work to do.

Found out that the motor was seized, probably due to a spun bearing of some sort. In any case, had it towed to mom's house and was without a car. About a week later, I find the object of many many hours of searching, a used RS motor. 2.5 liters of fury, 165hp, and the ability to exceed 100mph in the L was within grasp.

So, On began the swap. Only thing is, i've never swapped a motor, doctor says "Dont lift more than 20lbs or the internal stitches will rip out and you'll be right back in here and possibly die". Oh, did I mention this is februrary, in northern michigan... So yeah, snow, lots of snow. Also, I have only hand tools, no air here. And the final icing on the "i'm massochistic" cake? I'm gonna do this in my driveway, which is dirt, frozen, and outside in the elements... it's supposed to snow the whole weekend...

So, I drive mom's truck to detroit, help the guy separate the motor/tranny, drive back home, arrive at mom's house, spend an hour pushing my car out of a snowbank, by hand, by myself. It was fun. Pull the 1.8 out, put the 2.5 in, McGuyver some **** and get it running. Loads of fun.

So I had 2.5 liters of fury... right up until a trip to the UP. It spun a bearing, lost power, overheated on the way back, and ended up being towed back to mom's house.

So I bought a buick.

Eventually I had a friend with a crashed OBS, so I bought his car, swapped the 2.2 in, and now have a GF4. Still parting out the OBS, but the 2.2 runs like CRAP. I keep getting a CEL that shuts off one cylinder for emissions ****, real pain in the ass.

So future plans:
RS brake upgrade, just need the calipers/brackets for the fronts, have some brembo rotors left over from long time back. May go straight to WRX, but that's all $$ dependent.

Disk conversion on the rear brakes

Suspension (got OBS stuff going on next week for winter clearance) but need some good summer stuff

New motor. The 2.2 runs, and it gets me from a to b, but there are some huge problems with it and i'm really missing the 2.5 powa. SO i'll either find another 2.5 and get a turbo kit down the road, or go straight to some sort of factory FI powerplant, be it WRX, STi, or other.

Interior. Gotta love tan, i've got black in the OBS, but need the time to swap it all over, so eventually...

Sound. I'm not a huge audio guy, but I know I need some better components.

Exterior. Standard stuff, RS hood, STi or OBS wings, mabye put on my v2 wheels, RS front bumper, paint the car black, tint the windows, add another set of driving lights.

NEW EXHAUST. I hate mine, i'm very tempted to just rip it off and run without one, but hey.

So that's it for now, i'll throw up some more pics once I get home and stuff... so yeah.

See ya at Sno*Drift 08




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Rice Delivery Wagon! Now with 230+ NA hp!


So, after that escapade I've gone through several motor swaps and mods. Much has been done to my car. I had moved a dozen times and my loyal Subaru had always stuck with me. The 2.2 from my original post got boring eventually, and I swapped in a 2.5 while I was in Lansing. That lasted a while until it started smoking worse than a hooker who spent all her pimp's money on crack. So, I swapped it with a 2.2 from an early legacy. I once more got tired of the lowly 2.2's lack of power.

Seeing this dilemma, but with newfound space and experience, I once more returned to RS25. However there was a new player afoot! BackWoodsBob! Just about the time I had returned to the forums, Bob was preparing to EG33 swap his car. So we got to chattin' and discussing and eventually I decided that an EG33 was right for me!

Fast forward to August of 2012, when this guy comes into my life:

1993 SVX, 103,000 miles, $600

Why so low you may ask? Because the owners had driven it to WalMart, and it wouldn't start again. Now, they had been having problems with it not starting before, but figured it was a faulty ignition switch. So they hotwired it. Then all of the sudden the hotwire didn't work anymore.

Cue the quick craigslist sale.

They dropped it to $600 before I even got to look at it. I saw the car, looked under the hood, and immediately offered them $600 for the car. Sold.

Went back, signed the title, let the guy drive off happy that he got rid of his problem child car, and got $600 for it!

Then I swapped out the Slow-Blow fuse that had blown.

Started on the first try.

Drove it home. (well, actually I had to re-hotwire it, they were using some funky wires, so I used the right ones).

Eventually, it all got torn down!

Then I bought a hoist!! (more craigslist gold, I think I paid $50, and another $20 for the engine stand and leveler)

This took me THREE HOURS! a year later and I think my knuckles are still bleeding:

2 days later...

Also, FYI, the SVX takes 7 qts of oil. HOLY EXXON VALDEZ! I was getting pretty nervous as it just kept coming and coming and coming!!!

Next on the agenda was splitting the trans off, and prepping the motor. We're now into late-september. About a month after buying the SVX (Working a couple hours a night). I was also working a LOT of overtime, but I made sure that every single day I was out there, doing SOMETHING to keep this project going.

This next one is a little blurry, but what I did was to mildly port the exhaust runners in the head. The EG33 has a weird dog-leg inside of the head on 2 of the cylinders, and there's a LOT of gains to be found right there.

After spending 6 hours sitting in my garage covered in aluminum powder, I figured it was time to get this thing REALLY going!

Car was officially down for the swap on 9-23-12!

I then spent the 5 days attempting to be the first one to use a stock SVX or Impreza radiator in one of these swaps, while retaining the hood latch! That failed miserably. I eventually would aquire a Griffin Radiator.

I also pulled the stock wiring harness out of the 95! I was in luck, as the engine/ecu connection is completely separate from the rest of the dash board in this car! It connects via the 2 white plugs. This made wiring VERY easy!

Ended here, updating more tomorrow


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swaping in the winter outside your freekin nuts (glad to see there is more people like me)

car looks good i have always seen your post about it but never seen pictures of it.
i just pulled a 2.5 down here in VA i could get a good deal on it if you needed another motor 80k miles ran good he just rolled his 05 and bought it back from insurance and decided to swap

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Well swapped in another 2.5, and nothing much else. I did fit 205/70 tires on it though! (freakin' huge!) but just for winter. Crashed into a snowbank so there's only the roof lights now. Still running though!

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New picture bump.

Dropped on H&R's w/ GR2's and UK WRX 17's...

Also, found out that the suspension I swapped on what, 5 years ago did this:

2-piece tophat fail. Lol! But at least I fixed my clunk!

More fun pix:

My old RS: (Yes, I used to have one)


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I bought them off of someone on here. I mainly got them to go on the BRZ when it gets here, as I'm hoping to be the first person to have a WRB BRZ on gold wheels :p lol.

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Damn Evos killing my corner exit speed.


Then this happened:

which led to this, because apparently I'm the only one who plans on breaking parts:

whoring pix now:

Got on youtube now, but :( by comparison.

And Just for my memory's sake, here's an update on how things have been going lately:

Put a 2.2 in due to the 2.5 smoking worse than the Marlboro man. EJ22E, and actually this motor feels really strong, but LOVES to rev. I'm happy...ish with it right now, but really it's just a placeholder for an EJ22*1.5 ;)

(100,000 miles on the 2.2 out of a 93 leggy, car has 196,000 miles)

The story on the now non-existant BRZ:
Was all set up to buy one. Pre-ordered it the first day that it was available. Had my down payment all good, got a price

Base price (BRZ limited trim with manual trans): $27,495
Destination and delivery: 775
Wheel locks: 46
Total: $28,316

Then the waiting began. See I ordered it in Feb. and it wasn't until May that they've actually started delivery (well as of this writing they still haven't arrived, but oh well).

So I'm all excited and ready for my new car right? Get home on a Friday to find taped to my door a letter from the local Sheriff's office. "We'll be back in 48 hours for all your possessions due to non-payment of a debt"


Turns out that after a 5-year battle with my insurance company the bill for my appendix operation still hasn't been paid. So they went ahead and filed some court documents, and now I've got $11,000 to pay off. Well, actually it's been a week so far and it's down to $9,000 so hopefully it wont take too long. Needless to say, now I am BRZlessCory. :( So, that's the explination.

Now, to focus on my swap because I've got another 2 years till the brz with a snail comes out ;)

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I don't like BRZlessCory.
You should post more often, so far I'd venture to say this is the most amusingly written journal I have yet to read here. :lol:
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