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So I bought my RS about 1 year ago! I can't believe I kept it this long but so far it has not let me down and gets me to work every day. Thought I would share where it has been and where it is going!

Where it was when I bought it:

AVO turbo kit
17" bronze 5Zigen FN01R-C
IPD/Rallitek front rear swaybars
Version 5/6 Interior

1 Day after buying it! I added:
Momo Steering wheel
New Fogs

Later that week I added:
Amber fog covers
STI floor mats

Where it is now:

So it's been a year and it looks like this today. I stole these from people taking pictures of it at the 2008 WCSS-X:

Still AVO kit
H&R Springs
AGX struts
New RS bumper
P1 front lip
Painted to match side skirts and front lip
Enkei RPF1 17x8

Where it is going:

Rear spats need to be installed and painted
going wingless (Some one trade me there trunk!)
Going scoopless!
FMIC (need to put on, I'm lazy)

Just picked up some motor stuff. I did a write up on a RS hybrid motor with STI internals. Well Now I'm giving it away to my friend and going another route. I found WRX heads for a great price (Free!)... Rebuilt them, found STI cams for a great price (Free!)... Had BC valve spring and retainers laying around from the L so those went in too. Aquired another RS motor (Long block for free!)... rebuilding that with STI internals new from subaru.

So basically here is the setup:
RS-STI hybrid motor with WRX heads and STI cams and BC springs/retainers
Stock WRX exhaust manifold with STI up-pipe
18g turbo (Need)
Perrin inlet tube
Perrin Intake
Invidia downpipe (Need)
STI exhaust
LGT crossmember
WRX intake manifold with perrin fuel rails and modded injectors
WRX wiring swap
Openecu tuning
Walbro fuel pump

So what should I add to the list or do next? I need brakes! Think I might just do brembos in front and H6 rears.


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Looks good, it will look a lot better when you get those rear spats on. I was thinking of doing the same exterior wise, painted sideskirts, p1 lip and rear spats. Looks a lot better with the Enkei's than the 5Zigen imo. If i pay for shipping can you get me free motors/motorparts? ;).

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1998 Forester on Orange 57F
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thats one hell of a bastard engine u got planned there lol....

i may be getting a different turbo in a couple months if i do i'll sell you my 18G
I thought your turbo looked like a small child made of stone went through it?

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I thought your turbo looked like a small child made of stone went through it?
it was a rather large child actually...

but im getting it rebuilt :)

whats better than a turbo with history? right?

i want something a little bigger with quicker spoool(BB)....and i'm sick and tired of stock location :curse:...

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1998 Forester on Orange 57F
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didnt he have coilovers or something on it before?
When it was sold to me it had stock suspension. So maybe but not when it was sold.

I had coilovers laying around but didn't want them because I wanted something soft. I don't really like the H&R springs (Really bouncy!) and I might try something else. Not sure what to do yet.

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go on and search for SubieGal, that is her murdered out coupe.

i saw your car at WCSS10, very VERY clean, and i want to steal your rims. i cant wait to see it when your done.

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nice ride. i noticed you removed the vent cover under the hood on the side of the intake ... i was thinking about doing that (i have a short ram intake), but didnt know if i have to worry about water getting in there if its raining

any thoughts?

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Saw you leaving the apartment complex the other day and the car looks real good. Actually I heard it first then saw it a minute later.:clap: Also saw the red bugeye leaving an that was amazing as well. Beautiful cars you guy's have over there.
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