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Brullen, mud flaps and light protection

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Does anyone have a Brullen Catback? I am looking for a "Quiet" catback and I have heard this is the one to get. I believe this will be my next order(this Friday) unless I hear bad things here. I am ordering the "Quiet" version with a resonator. I have already put in a Ganzflo CAI, Lightweight Pulleys and a 20mm sway bar. I am also looking at some mud/stone flaps(gravel can do a job on the underside of you car) and the 3M film light protectors. I'll take any advice on those too.

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Give Stongard a shot. I don't know if there are any dealers in your area, but I think Subie Gal worked a discount (i-club) because they're one of her rally sponsors.

Mudflaps - maybe Ken Beard would be able to help you -

and I'm not sure about other exhausts, I know the Borla is pretty loud. The Brospeed/SPT is pretty quiet. It's a bit louder than stock, but not bothersome at all, and that's without a mid-pipe resonator.
I ordered my Brullen from Larry last week. It should be here before to long. I went with 2.25" piping and dual tip. Larry has sound clips on his site. Larry is very helpful.

There is one warning if you go this route. Kartboy hangers might not work with Brullen's skinny bracket arms. This is still being investigated though.
i got my flap material from ken beard. its the real McCoy. theres a pic of my car in the gallery right now if you want to check them out.
I've been enjoying my Brullen single 4" tip <<Quiet option>> 2.25" piping cat-back. It is just enough to set off some alarms in a parking garage. The tone is deep and I wouldn't want it any louder. Noticible power gains with stock headers!
back on the i-club, do a search for a member named "fastline". He runs a little business outta his house and he does mudflaps. I have a set and they look nice, are easy to install, and work quite well. Hope this helps.

Anyone know how the Stromung Dual Tip compairs to the Brullen dual tip in terms of sound?
I have had a 2.5" "quiet" Brullen Cat-back exhaust, since October. Really do love the sound. Very deep, it rumbles when you let off the gas, but is pretty quiet when cruising. Engine ran a lot smoother through the power range. Too.

Although, this is the RS25 forums, there were several threads at the "i-club's" forums that had different sound comparisons between the Brullen and the Stromung.

Yesterday, I finally got my Brullen Headers on, so now I have a complete Brullen package. It changed the tone of the exhaust quite a bit. I like it much better, it's not as deep as it was but "cleaner" some how. Hard to explain. I haven't really had a chance to "test" it yet. But the engine just sounds smoother, like it's not working as hard. Maybe I'll do a better review after I've had it awhile.


Do you remember how quiet your exhaust is compared to stock? I am also getting the resonator...did you get that?

I remember that after I installed the Cat-back, I was wondering if in fact, Brullen messed up and sent me the "loud" version instead of the "quiet" version. (I'm still not positive which version I actually have.) It was louder than stock, by a quite a bit. It has a distinct deep drone to it. My girlfriend always says that she knows when I'm coming home, because she can hear the car a block away. She says that it wasn't necessarily loud, just that the car makes a very distinct sound. It's that horizontal engine, that makes that special sound. :) Also, I got the 2.5 inch (at the time I'd thought I'd go turbo some day). Now, I'm thinking SuperCharger( come on Templar!!) So I don't know if the size would make much of difference on the sound.

Anyway, now that the headers are on, it seems like that deep drone is gone. But the growl is more distinct. Again, these are just initial impressions. It just doesn't seem as loud. I'd make some wav files, but have no recording equipment.

Again, do a search at the i-club forums and I know there was several threads that had wav files from all the different exhaust company's.

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Thanks SlimChance
No Problem,

Oldest guy on the forum? I'm 36. You go me beat?

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