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Brullen CE Light repair Campaign

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Hi Everyone,

Brullen has finalized the repair kits to rectify the CE light issue.

The kit consists of:
1) a modified Catalytic converter, the O2 bung has been relocated to the cone.
2) O2 sensor bung plug, to cap off the front O2 sensor location
3) Extension looms to extend the front O2 sensors wiring without cutting the existing loom
4) Rear O2 sensor circuitry with Wire Loom, to fix the O2 sensor timing
5) Instructions

Affected Cars:
All Subaru's from mid 2000 (manufacture date) and later models experiencing CE lights. (6 wire front O2 Sensors)

Terms and conditions:

For Brullen "Header Customer" Brullen will send you a modified catalytic converter in advance, and put a core charge of $85.00 Canadian on your CC. You ship back the cat to Brullen and your core charge will be refunded in full immediately.

This campaign is inteded for Brullen Customers, but if you require a CE light circuit to fix either the MRT or Borla systems the CE Light circuitry can be sent out to you at a cost of $35.00 USD.

How to get involved:
Send an Email to [email protected] with the Title CE Light along with:

Your full name
Your I club name

We still have the spreadsheet containing all the registries, and your information will be referenced.

Expected lead time, 1 weeks.

Thank You
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