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Broken Tail light

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Ok, so today I spent hours and hours cleaning my car, taking the seats out, organizing, etc... and so when I went to wash it I walked around the back, and ...... I have a dent in my trunk (bent), and my right tail light shattered. I serisously sat down and cried, and got one of those horrible pit of your stomach feelings. :(

So... my question... Does any one just happen to have a spare L right Tail light sitting around?

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Do I always have to be the one that saves you????

I have a right tail light!!
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Sean... will you marry me?!?!?


See you at rally-x tomorrow.

Call my cell tomorrow too... anyone.

(760) 803-1463
We would already be devorced, Shes cheatin on me with my friend!!

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Assuming you could actually type... HUH?!??
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Is that better?? I thank I spelled devorce the wrong way though.

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Well I dunno... at least I understand it now. Too early in the morning. Caffeine is helping though :)
Originally posted by [email protected] SUBARU
I'm a post whoring fabracater not a post whoring english teacher.

that's no excuse to slaughter the English Language


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