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1995 Subaru Impreza LX
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The G009 was/is the top of the line All Season from Bridgestone.

Model Tested: 195/60/15
Tested on: 1995 Subaru Impreza LX 2.2l AWD
20mm Rear Sway Bar
R1 Racing Coilovers
Underdrive Pulley
Turbo Kit (equipped midway through tires life)


Cost: I cant remeber exactly what I payed for these tires but i know it was under $80 per tire (i did get a slight hook up), but still for the amount of money that i payed for these tires i would say its a great deal.

Dry Grip: This tires provide ample grip for normal and aggressive street driving. These tires will go as fast as i want em to, granted the large sidewall does have a noticeable amount of flex when driving and cornering above the posted speed.

Wet Grip: I honestly think that these tires get better grip in the rain then on dry pavement. the amount of grip and stability in the rain is amazing. i have never hydroplanned with these tires. they cut right through large puddles at high speeds, and hold still corner very well. this IMO is the strongest point of the tire.

Tread Life: I drive very agressively and these tires have pretty close to 40k on them. i know that i will get another summer out of them for sure, but i am unsure about this next winter. (see cons). when i bought the tires and saw the predicted treadlife i was expecting to get around 30k on them, but 2 years later i am still happy with them.

Mixed Bag:

Gravel: These tires work fine on gravel and are very sticky. after you pass 75% -> 50% tread remianing they start to loose their gravel aspects. they are still decent tires on gravel, but the do not instill a good sense of stability.

Mud: I purchased these tires under the recomendation that they were great for Rally-X. i agree that they can take grass, dirt and mud very well when failry new. they start to loose it at the same spot they loose the gravel grip. the miggest problem i had was that the tread wasnt aggresive enough and easily got packed with mud. making them slick. they will prolly still work great on dirt, but i dont get to drive dirt much.

Snow: It seems that the top portion of the tread is the sticky part. becuase i can say the the first winter i had these one (roughly 4k on the tires) they worked great in snow. on teh highway i could be passing people left and right, in a couple inches of snow going my normal 5 over. they did encounter some issues with very deep snow. the car felt kind of light when driving in 8+ inches od the white stuff. the second winter i had these tires i noticed a great drop in their handling. they felt alot more slick, and unstable at higher speeds, also the turn-in decreased alot. (second winter was about 30k on tires).

Road Noise: These tires can produce a fair amount of noise when drving on ridged cement, but on normal black top they are barely noticeable.


Ice: It is hard for an all season tire to keep up on the ice. this IMO is the weakest point of this tire. these tires always seem slick on the ice. i did not notice a huge drop in ice performance as i did snow performance. but it is hard to tell since the first winter with them i spent virtually no time on the ice. while the second year i went ice racing with them. these tires in no way compare to a dedicated winter tire, but they arent too bad. at the previously mentioned ice race the tires performed ok. it is not fair to state how well they performed by comparing timesm since there is such a huge difference in power levels, and drivers at the race. the largest problem i had was understeer on the ice. at hairpins i would have to either tap the e-brake, slow way down, or cut into the snow to get a good turn in. on the 4hr drive home form the race, i got to test them again. the roads on teh trip home were covered in ice (which we didnt know) and were prociding along at roughly 90mph. the car stuck very well it has some issue crossing bridges, where bumps would offset teh car alittle. in the icer spots (after we slowed down and saw all the rollovers) the car seemed stable it was too esay to lock up the brakes though, and going under overpasses (known for large ice biuld ups) the tires would break loose (rouhly 35mph here) and the car would want to spin until it caught on the other side of the underpass.

Sizes:Last i heard these were not available in 17".

Conclusion: a GREAT tire all round only really suffering on the ice, and with a noticeable decrease in performance after 30k miles.

hope this helps.

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Cool. Last year I recommended a set of these to my friend with a 05' Honda Civic, she loves them (prev. worn-out oem tires were quite dangerous so any new tire is an improvement).

I have the G019 Grid's which are the successor of this tire. We'll see how they do this winter. I was either going to go with these or the Yoko Avid H4's, but read really bad snow reviews for the Yoko's. Snow is pretty infrequent here in DE, so I don't need a dedicated snow tire in the winter.

I'll make my own thread about them when they get past their break-in.
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