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1997 GC8 Sedan Silver.
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I don't know exactly where to start but I'll start anyways.

On the 15th of January 2010, Saturday. 9am off to the auctions, found a few nice Subaru's on the web from the same place. Went to go have a look but most of them were already auctioned off and i was starting to feel disappointed, but I turned around and there was a silver 03 2.5RS, Bang it shot my eyes, completely stock standard, and here in Australia our 2.5RS comes pretty much with a WRX interior, Bucket seats, MOMO airbag steering wheel, side skirts and a few other options. I was super excited i was the only bidder and i got it for asking price which was $12, 500 AUD, which was pretty cheap I thought because most of them for sale around my surroundings in the city were actually 14k - 16k. She only had 85,000kms on her, interior smelt a little funky, nothing a good clean wouldn't fix and some air fresheners and upholstery deodorizer, 5MT Clean engine bay, 16inch factory alloys brand new maxxis tyres 16 55 205, so I put down a $500 deposit to keep a hold on it for the week so i could get the cash to pay the rest off, so Tuesday came and i rushed back down to the auction place and picked up my beast.

As I was on my way down to the Service station to fill up my tank i was hearing with whining noise coming from my car as i was doing about 60km/h - upwards and disappeared at 100km/h, couldn't put my finger on it, thought it was the clutch but it felt fine to me, so a couple weeks went past and I went to the local mechanic to just get a quick oil and oil filter change, rotate and balance, upper engine cleaner and for them to check the noise. I got the car back and the mechanic said it was the clutch, so off to Subaru I got them to double check and they said it was the clutch and it was going to cost around $3200 AUD to fix with the OEM dual mass flywheel and the clutch, i couldn't afford it at the time so i went to another place the specializes clutches for any vehicle, so they went for the test drive and said it sounds like a clutch but but not 100% sure, so they then sent me over to a diff and gear place, he then said it was a weird sound because you could play with the clutch and get a sort of different sound, so he proceeded to change the clutch and do the conversion to a solid flywheel, i picked it up later that afternoon and he said look mate i thought it was the clutch because the dual mass was twisted off center, but when he went for the road test the noise was still there, $1200 AUD down the drain, he said he checked the rear diff and the gearbox and all looked fine, but he offered to do the gearbox and hope for the best, so $900 AUD later for a reconditioned GB, boom the noise gone, i was so happy.

A few weeks past and i thought i need some new wheels so i bought some King KG-5 Lite Racing wheels in 17" 215 45 BF Goodrich Sport performance tyres, I still hadn't lowered my car so i felt the height difference i had a little more body roll but the grip was a lot better.

1 week later i went down to the exhaust shop and just got a diff back 2 1/2 inch to 4inch X-Force cannon mandrel bent with a flange on the back for interchangeable tips, hoping i would get that boxer rumble not knowing much about cars at this stage, i was upset no wrx notes tones sounds, shit 250 bux goodbye.

a few months went past and my brother was selling his SK00B so he gave me his 2 1/2 inch cat back with a 4 1/2 inch Hurricane Cannon, with a full jap style angle but still no boxer sound.

Looking on ebay for car parts i come across Borla replica UEL headers reading up on this and watching video clips on youtube, i found my boxer rumble, $350 plus p&h with fed ex i got my header 4 days later. I got one the mechanics at work to do a cash job for me and fit them up for me, abit of a force job because of the cheap stainless steel but they were on $50 and i was off with the boxer rumble super excited i was happy.

Checking wreckers here and there i found an after market wrx bonnet black primer unpainted fresh out of the box for $200, but no scoop, searching around for a scoop, subaru was $400, fake ones $200, 2 months later on ebay i found one that i won auction for $90 with P&H in AUS and genuine but it was white but o'well i was still excited so i fitted that up.

1 more month and i got a friend of a friend to spray some parts, my rear bumper repair and spray when i backed into a tree stump at night and i could not see it at all just bent the bar a little cracked the paint off where i hit it not too bad, my side skirts and the bonnet and scoop, $700 and im now driving a wrx look like.

So driving my car hard and rough like i was, out in my mates back yard rallying around a little getting sideways and all that hooning you do i was doing about 140km/h in 4th my third gear maxes out at 127km/h and i don't know how i did it but i went back into 3rd instead of 5th to cruise it out, and my rpm needle went off the clock maybe 9000rpm, and i was stunned my car the making the weirdest noise i thought it was the clutch or the gearbox again but no i took it to work and the boys said it was my bottom end i was devastated my engine my car, so i wasn't driving for a couple weeks.

I then bought a 2002 Honda Integra DC5 type R in the dark blue. I owned it for 2 months before i was out one night straight after work went down the coast fishing, finish work at 4pm, 6.30pm down the coast 7pm fishing, 12.30am driving back home just about to get into the town down the coast doing a long sweeping left turn at about 55km/h fell asleep behind the wheel started coming off the road hit a pot hole woke up heading for a telegraph pole, hooked it to the right kicked right out hooked it to the left to get on the left side of the road where we in aus drive turned to the right to straighten up but it was to late i hit the grass and just slid 20 meters into a farm fence doing some damage to my honda but it was written off because of the drivers side quater panel was dented big time so my K20 my type R and recaro's that saved me, all gone. but then i realized, if i had my Suby that would'nt of happened stupid front wheel drive cars.

so another month with no car before i found a nice low km engine for my car 04 forester 2.5lt with only 60.000kms on it, done the R&R at work new clutch machined flywheel, swapped my timing belt over new oil filter, new spark plugs new head gaskets and me and my subaru were back on the road again, i missed her and that boxer rumble, now march 23rd 2011.

2 weeks later took it to a wheel and tyre shop and got some springs put in 2 inches lower, with my stock 16's man was she low as, my exhaust with that jap style angle was scraping everywhere. and then a week later it got the same rims i had before but this time in 18 inch and they were gold with the machined lip, i forgot to mention the first ones were black with machined lip and they didnt make 18 at the time i bought them.

so one morning on the was to work someone tried to squeeze through at 60km/h between me and the medium strip that stuck out before you could get to the right hand turn lane straight into the right front guard, and took my mirror facing outwards but it didnt break off i went to chase her but by the time i got into the turning lane and was able to turn the light was red and i could even see the car anywhere, F*** me, as angry as i was i still had to go to work. to this day i have a spare guard at home getting it sprayed on the 14th of january 2012.

so weeks even months went past went to change my exhaust and got a twin tip put on 3 inch diff back mandrel bent, sounded awesome then it broke it and it was even better then it just went to shit sounded airy and i hated my car i didn't want to drive it anymore, sounded great on the inside and from the front but from behind was absolute rubbish. so after a little while i got my old xforce cannon put back on and it was a nice harsh boxer sound it wasnt that smooth sound that everyone loves but i loved it.

September 2011 i made a ganzflow style intake i didnt even know what i could call it considering i made it myself and havnt seen this website before then, i got a silicone hose adaptor and i took out my fog light got a funnel cut the bottom to a 2 inch hole got some 2 inch agg pipe and ran it up the inside of my guard into the engine bay and to my airbox with my K&N air filter dont have photos of that which is a shame, but i didnt see much performance increase but a smoother airflow and a loud whistle for the suction, i thought im gonna make a cai i went down to supercheap auto which in aus is our normal household car place, i got some 3 inch intercooler piping one 90 degree bend one short 60 degree bend and a 45 degree bend, a pod filter and a 30 cm long 76mm silicone hose i chopped the hose into 3 pieces, chopped the 90 degree bend one down 30mm so i had clearance for the clutch master cylinder then put the 60 degree on to clear the brake master cylinder, and then the 45 to correct it to where the noise box normally sits, put a bit of sponge as breathers for the heads and the manifold, and boom CAI at full throttle and at 4800rpm when the butterfly valve is fully open and because it just aluminum piping it sounds like a honda and its at such a high decibel it makes you go def in your right ear because its right in front of me. but man the power increase was tremendous its got a good torque pull.

anyways a week later i get a letter in the mail my car had been reported for noise pollution and must undergo a decibel test the legal limit is 90 decibels at 4200rpm, so i had to put all my stock airbox back in went and borrowed an sti diff back off my mate at the exhaust shop freebie, absolutely great, anyways booked for my test they took photos of everything to send off to see if my car was defective even with the stock sti exhaust and airbox my car was 88dB on back off so 2 weeks later i got another letter and they said my car was fine, in november i went to a bodykit place and bought a gt wing the one thing that some people dont like but i dont really care i wanted to do it to be different and i dont mind it, i liked having that jdm look with no wing and debadged but i can always buy a new boot lid.

and my audio to this day is 4gauge power lead 4 guage earth lead, precision response 800watt mono block running 2 x 10 inch Fusion audio subs in a custom fiberglass box, with 4 inch ?? in the back doors and 6 1/2 inch clarion splits in the fronts with tweeters and a clarion vx409a double din dvd player with direct ipod connectivity.

so thats my car to this day probably missing a few things but will fix it up eventually, photos coming soon just have to find my camera.
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