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Brat powertrain questions...

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A buddy called the other day to ask me some questions about the Brat. To be honest, I had never heard of anyone doing what he thought.

Has anyone put another Subaru engine and drivetrain in a Brat? Is it physically possible to put the bigger 2.5L or a 2.0 turbo in it?

I've done a little seaching on the General Subaru forum, but only found info about doing a 5 speed tranny swap. I know he's sick, but now he's got my interest up.

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I have seen and heard of several examples.

One recently went on Ebay that had the Legacy 2.2L motor/drivetrain. :drool: Sweet and fast I'm sure. :)

I also know of someone who had the XT6 motor/drivetrain in his Brat too.

You may have to fabricate a crossmember, but the Legacy engine seemed fairly straightforward to convert to. I may have some pictures, I'll see if I can find them.
Thanks Matt! I passed the info along. I'll have to do a little more digging on the net to see what I can come up with.

Any luck with the pictures?

check out

Good people who do all sorts of crazy stuff to their 80's Subies.

Some Aussi people who frequent the board have put WRX motors into their Brats and GL wagons. One guy by the user name Wittie (XT6WAGON on i-club) has a H-6 in his GL wagon...its currently for sale by the way.

Visit my homepage at

I don't have the XT6 swap info up there yet but email me for details.

Here is the basics:

EJs can be done. The will NOT mate to the stock tranny so you have to do the whole driveline conversion and you loose dualrange.

EA81s can be built to 120HP easily.

EA82s will fit as well as the EA82 turbo with minor modification

The XT6 engine will fit but the radiator has to be relocated. I am doing a reclined Hummer style radiator.

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That is the baddest Brat I've seen!

Cool website too! I'll have to follow how it grows. Thanks for the info.

That is a great looking machine. Congratulations on a really unique ride.
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