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ej20g swapped 93 saloon
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i currently drive a 93l that was converted to awd, no abs.
im not 100% sure what kind of brakes are on it, i think either rs brakes or something similar.

im looking to upgrade to wrx 4/2 pots for front a rear.

ive done some research and i seems like the front should works fine but the rear need a brackets or a new backing plate. i will also need some new ss brake lines. what kind of MC and brake booster would i need? and whats the best option for rotors? im not a complete noobie at cars but at brakes i kind of am lol thank you in advance everyone.

98L Wagon
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bunch of different things here. do you have pics so we can see what you have currently?

4/2pots are cool looking, but imo, money could be better spent on other things in the brake system and should perform just as good.

if you have RS brakes, all you need to do is find some 02/03 WRX rotors, and 02/03WRX bracket. caliper, hardware and pads are the same. add SS lines, and a master cyl brace and it should be ROCK hard every time.

you can upgrade the master too if you want, i didnt, and don't really plan on it. you will need a non-abs master from an SVX. should be roughly 40-50bucks from AZ advance etc. SVX is 1 and 1/16th bore, and yours is 15/16's.

4 pots will bolt up to the front as stock, just need the correct rotor. as for the 2 pot rears, you will need an 06/07 wrx backing plate OR and adapter to mount them to the stock setup you currently have.

as for my set up, i have stock master, MC brace, stoptech SS lines, stock RS calipers @all 4, wrx brackets and rotors up front. stops like a champ. and with your featherwieght 93L..much more than that, i'd think would be over kill.
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