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Brakes Squeak!

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I recently put some new pads on my front brakes and now they squeak like hell. It is really annoying. They are just standard brakes from napa, so nothin special. What is the best way to get them to stop squeaking? Also, I have drum brakes in the rear still, and I am wondering what the most cost effective way to upgrade to disks is. Thanks in advance.

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I think it'll go away once the pads are broken in. Some pads squeak until they are heated up, but it applies to race pads so...
if they're just replacement pads, the sqeaking should go away after they're broken in. some high performance pads (such as mintex) will always sqeak.

as far as upgrading the rear goes, its actually quite extensive since you can't just replace the drums with discs/calipers. you also have to upgrade the handbrake as well. i'd talk to various vendors and see what they have available. also, keep in mind that the rear brakes do a significantly smaller proportion of the braking work than the fronts.
Did you put any anti-squeal goo on the backs? That usually helps.
Thanks for the tips. I am going to try some of the anti-squeal spray once I get the free time to pull the damn pads. I was hoping the was some secret way to fix it. I guess Im not going to find a lazy way to fix this one. Thanks again.

I just did my brakes on Friday and I used the anti-squeal goo and some lube for the caliper pins and sleeves. I haven't heard a peep from them......yet, but I don't plan to, either. So long as they are just standard pads, you shouldn't get any squeal from them.
I can't speak for the spray, but the goo works pretty good. If you decide to use that, smear it on and let it set for about 5-10 minutes before you put the brakes back together. That allows it to thicken. I've had the best luck doing that. Hope this helps.
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