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Copied from Jamal on Nasioc.

Is interchangeability a word? I guess so since there's no squiggly red line under it. Anyhoo, while I touched on this stuff in the compiled brake information thread, I thought maybe it couldn't hurt to have it all laid out a little more clearly.

Basically, most Subaru brakes will interchange onto other Subarus. That's very convenient when you want to put bigger brakes on your non-STi Subaru without spending a lot of money. To be extra clear, almost any front caliper will bolt onto any other Subaru. The rear brakes are where things get complicated.

When talking about physically bolting the brakes up to another Subaru, there are a few things to be concerned about:

1. Wheel Clearance
2. Rotor bolt pattern
3. Caliper mounting
4. Rear parking brake diameter

#1 is pretty simple. If you're putting brembos on your 93 Impreza L, obviously the the tiny stock steelies aren't going to fit.

#2 is something you have to be concerned with when installing brembos. The 05+ STi has a 5x114.3 bolt pattern. So while you can bolt the calipers right up other cars, you'll need to use rotors drilled in 5x100, such as those on the 04 sti. The Tribeca and SVX also have a 5x114.3 bolt pattern, while all the other Subarus since 1990 or so are 5x100 (well, except the Justy).

#3 comes into play when installing STi brembos or the Subaru 2-pots in the REAR. Any FRONT caliper/bracket will bolt up to the front of any other modern Subaru (except the SVX), but in the rear there are different backing plates. The backing plate is attached to the rear spindles, and is what the calipers bolt to. There are a few different backing plates, and brakes will not interchange between them. The solution is to either switch backing plates or use an adapter bracket.

#4 The way to divide up the backing plates is as follows:
-Sliding 1-pot calipers
-Fixed 2-pot calipers
-new cars - 08+ impreza, 09+ forester, '10+ legacy, which do not have a backing plate.


Obviously you can't bolt discs up to a drum backing plate since there's nowhere for the caliper to attach. To swap from drums you'll need to remove the brakes, press out the hub, remove the backing plates, and install disc backing plates, parking brakes (also the cables), the hubs (and likely new bearings), and then rotors and calipers. Generally it's easier to find some disc spindles and swap the whole things over.


For the sliding calipers, almost everything used to be interchangeable. For example, a really popular and worthwhile upgrade for an older WRX is to take the caliper brackets and rotors from an 00-04 Legacy which gets you a 290mm rotor vs 266. This is called the "H6" upgrade. If you have a really old Legacy or Impreza it's also not a bad idea to upgrade to newer parts which gives you a better pad selection.

For the 08+ Impreza, the rear suspension changed significantly, and so did the rear upright and brakes. While the not-STi still uses a sliding 1-pot caliper, the spacing from where it mounts to where the rotor is changed. This means you can't really retrofit older brakes onto them. This isn't that terrible because the 08+ rotor is a fairly good size at 286mm, so you basically already have the "H6" upgrade.


To bolt a 2-pot rear caliper to a 1-pot car, you'll need to install either the 2-pot backing plates which is the same process I mentioned for drums, or you can purchase some adapter brackets. WRXbrakes, Kartboy, and a few other places make conversion brackets to attach either the Subaru 2-pots or 04-07 Brembos to the rear of most any other Subaru. I should note that WRX 2-pot rear adapters do not work with Brembo 2-pot rear calipers even though the mounting is the same between them.

If you want to swap rear brembos for the 2-pots, or vice-versa, no bracket is required. Sti brembos will bolt right up to an 06-07 WRX, and the rear 2-pots will bolt right up to an 04-07 STi.

If, for some reason, you wanted some sliding calipers on your 2-pot car, you're out of luck. No bracket exists so you'll have to pull off the spindles and swap backing plates.

When it comes to STi Brembos, there's another little issue that arises when switching brakes and that is the rear parking brake. The STi, along with a few non-US models (and the 08+), has a larger 190mm parking brake drum (compared to 170mm on everything else). That means if you were to pick up some rear STi brembo calipers and rotors and put them on your non-sti, the parking brake wouldn't work because there's a 10mm gap between the drum and the shoes. It also means if, for rally purposes perhaps, you wanted some Subaru 2-pots on your STi, the rotors wouldn't fit over the parking brake.

Thankfully there's a solution for each situation. Subaru took care of the Brembo -> 2-pot swap because the 2-pots are (were) the group N rally-spec brakes. So they make rotors that work with the 2-pots but fit over STi parking brakes, in both 5x100 and 5x114.3. You can get them from rally shops such as Rallispec or Rocket Rally.

To make rear brembos work on a 170mm parking brake car, there are a couple of solutions. The best one is the DBA 2657 rotor. It's a brembo-sized rotor, drilled for 5x100, with a 170mm parking brake hat. This is a new thing that was produced specifically to go with the WRXBrakes Brembo adapter brackets, so be sure to thank Tom and DBASteve and Ken at WRXbrakes for getting together on that.

Before then, the solution was to either swap to a bigger parking brake, get some spacers made to fit in the rotor hat, or buy some taller parking brake shoes. Godspeed in the UK makes taller shoes, and adapter brackets. Brembo also makes adapter brackets and rotors, but I am unsure on pricing and availability on them. If you are in North America and want STi brembos, the best way to do it is with the WRXbrakes package.

Can I put front brakes on the rear?

No, as in not a chance. Don't try. Don't post a thread asking about it.

What happens to my brake bias?

If you have a 93 impreza and put on some front brembos, you might think that there would be a big increase in braking force. You would be right, and it would only be on the front wheels. That results in the front doing all the work, the rear doing nothing, and can actually increase your stopping distance. If you are swapping brakes around, take a look at this spreadsheet:
courtesy of Legacy777

Ideally you want to keep the bias where it was or go rearward a small amount (why the H6 upgrade is so popular).

a little more about new cars

For 2008, the Impreza has a whole different thing going on in the rear. While the front brakes are still the same, the rear suspension, spindles, and caliper mounting changed on regular Imprezas, the WRX, and the STi. Instead of a backing plate, the calipers mount to the spindle just like the front. Because of this, the calipers are different. The bolt spacing is actually the same as older 1-pot calipers, on both the WRX and STi.

Another thing to note is that the 08 WRX has the same larger 190mm parking brake hat as the STi.

So yes, it is possible to put 08 sti rear calipers on an 08+ wrx and it happens to be very easy. All you need is any set of front brembos, 08+ sti rear brembo calipers, and rotors drilled for 5x100. You can use 04 sti front rotors, but 04 sti rear rotors won't work and they have to be for an 08+ STi. Pretty much any machine shop will be able to re-drill the rotors for a nominal charge. What's even more convenient is that DBA dual drills their STi rotors in 5x100 and 5x114 and WRXbrakes does it in house to less expensive centric blank rotors.

This will only work with 08+ sti rear calipers and re-drilled 08+ STi rear rotors because the mounting on the calipers changed as did the rotor hat offset. If you were to attempt to use an 04 sti rotor, it would not line up with the caliper. The DBA rotor part numbers are 4654 front and 42656 rear. Anything dual drilled will have the part number end with -10. For example, DBA42656XS-10 is the dual drilled rear rotor that would be good to use for this swap.

The 09+ Forester, 2010+ Legacy, and BRZ/FT86/FRS also has the same rear upright and brake setup, so all this should apply to them as well.

If you wanted to put 08 sti rear calipers on an older 1-pot cars, they would bolt to the backing plate, but there is no rotor that will currently work. The DBA rotor would not line up with the caliper. The actual difference in offset is something I don't currently know, and I'm not sure if even an 08 sti rotor re-drilled would line up properly (parking brake issues aside). It could end up interfering with the backing plate.

Exceptions to the rules

-If you want to put smaller brakes on an 05+ STi, you can't just take a regular wrx front rotor, re-drill it, and bolt it on. The rotor hat will not fit over the hub. Subaru make special rotors to do this. On that note, out of other Subaru brakes, ONLY the 4-pots will fit with STi hubs. The caliper bracket for a 2-pot won't clear the hat on the special rotor.
-If you have an SVX, the front brakes are different and don't interchange. Rears are H-6 sized, but get that added rotor size at the upright and not from the bracket. You should be able to bolt on newer 1-pot rear brackets and calipers if you were looking for replacement parts but there isn't really an upgrade that works.

I would also be wary about trying to exchange stuff with the 08s. The rear backing plate is completely different so to the best of my knowledge nothing is interchangeable.

So, if you're wondering what brakes you have and what other brakes are out there, I've made this big list of most of the different brakes found on modern Subarus. The information came from a lot of places like the DBA catalog (click the rotor size for spec sheets provided by DBAsteve), cars101, and various threads/FAQs here and on scoobymods. This is mostly just about US model cars. Generally brakes were the same around the world but there are a few little special exceptions that are linked to later on.

Disclaimer: While I have tried to make this post as accurate as possible, there are some mid year revisions. I also can't be positive all the year ranges listed are correct, especially for pad shapes. In some cases, it is necessary to call a dealership with your VIN number or physically compare parts.

Front Brakes

Smallest Subaru front brakes, found on FWD non-abs Imprezas (93-96). The caliper and bracket are similar to those for early 260mm brakes with a shorter bracket and they use the same pads. These things fit under 13" wheels.
93-96 Impreza 2WD.

This is the most common front rotor size before 2000. It was found on many Imprezas and Legacies and uses a single piston caliper and bracket. Somewhere around 96/97 the caliper/bracket/pad design changed. These fit under 14" wheels.
90-99 Legacy non-turbo/-GT/-Outback
1995 Outback
93-01 Impreza AWD (non RS)

This uses a two piston sliding front caliper and there are three caliper/bracket designs. One for the 91-94 Legacy SS/TW, an early Legacy 2.5GT/Impreza RS bracket (~96-99), and a Later RS/GT bracket (03+). It's possible to exchange some of these calipers onto taller WRX brackets as long as the pad shapes match.
91-94 Legacy turbo
96-01 Legacy GT
96-01 Outback
00-04 Legacy non-GT
98+ Impreza RS/TS/2.5i
98+ Forester
Some non-us BRZ/FRS/86 models.

This is the WRX front rotor. It uses a two piston sliding front caliper or the Subaru fixed 4-pot. The sliding caliper, bracket, and pad were changed in 03 and that's something you need to be aware of when upgrading from RS brakes or purchasing pads. The 4-pots are only on the 06-07 WRX in the US, though they were on many older non-US STis and WRXes (the black calipers with Subaru across them). Generally 16" wheels are required with these brakes but there are some 15" wheels out there that work. Also 16x6.5 Subaru wheels do not clear 4-pots.
01 Legacy GT LTD?
02-04 Legacy GT
05-09 Legacy non-gt *
01-09 Outback
02+ Impreza WRX (including 08, which uses 2-pots)
03+ Forester

Here is the description on the different DBA rotors in this size:
Originally Posted by WRXBrakes View Post

DBA 1 piece:

Standard series - p/n 650 - fits 2 or 4 piston WRX w/294mm rotor

4000 series - p/n 4650 - Again fits all 2 or 4 piston 'WRX' applications. However - some street pads w/ shims on them may not fit w/ the shim as the rotor is intentionally a bit thicker to add heat mass. Take shims off - run a few weeks - if it gets noisy wait till they can fit.

p/n 4000 - Original 4000 series rotor w/ tapered HAT section to clear OUTBOARD ABS tone ring. This ABS system is all pre-2000 MY afaik.

5000 series:

p/n 5000 -the OG - fits 4 pot WRX (pre-USDM 2 pot)

p/n 5010 - fits 2 pot OR 4 pot front WRX calipers. This rotor was made when it was realized that the caliper bracket from the USDM WRX hit the rotor hardware on p/n 5000. Thus 5010 has a different design- the hardware is recessed for clearance.

Added bonus points: This rotor is also available in 5x114.3 to make it possible to swap an 05-07 STi to the subaru 4-pots for rally. Not sure where to find that rotor but I would start with rally shops. A standard WRX rotor cannot be re-drilled to 5x114 as it won't fit over the larger hub.

*The non-turbo Legacy actually has a slightly different rotor that is technically 292mm in diameter. It is also slightly heavier than the WRX rotor. They can be interchanged without issue.

This uses a two piston sliding caliper similar to the other 2-pots, although brackets and calipers aren't compatible between other 2-pots. 17s are required with them.
05-09 Legacy GT
Tribeca (5x114.3 bolt pattern)

326x30mm (5x100)
326x30mm (5x114.3)
STi rotor that goes with the 4-piston Brembo calipers. There are two rotors, the 04 has a 5x100mm hub bolt pattern, 05+ uses 5x114.3. The calipers all mount the same way so you can attach front Brembos to other Subarus without trouble. There were some changes to the caliper over the years that involved some sort of stiffening, so from what I can tell an 07 caliper would be slightly better than an 04.
04+ STi

A note about the SVX:
The SVX has brakes that are about the same size as WRX brakes and the SVX has 5x114.3 hubs. However, up front, the rotor hat offset (how close or far the rotor surface is from the hub) is different from that on other Subarus. The knuckle also locates the caliper bracket in a different position. That unfortunately means that you can't just buy some 05-07 STi brembos or Tribeca brakes or something to upgrade your SVX. I'm pretty sure that in the rear things are compatible with other Subarus.

Rear Brakes

The most common Subaru rear rotor. It uses a single piston sliding caliper, of which there are a few variations. Early Legacy sedans (non-turbo) and Imprezas have a smaller piston than Legacy wagons and turbos, and there are a few bracket/caliper revisions.
90-99 Legacies/Outbacks with rear discs non-turbo
93-07 Imprezas with rear discs (except sti, 06-07 wrx)
98-08 Foresters with rear discs

This rotor is on most 05-09 Legacy/Outbacks. The exception is the LGT and probably the 3.0R. Parking brake is 170mm. Seems to be only be on these models.

2008+ impreza/wrx
2009+ forester (with rear discs)
2010+ Legacy 2.5i
Some non-US BRZ/FRS/GT86 models
uses a 190mm parking brake and 1-pot sliding calipers.

This is well known as the H6 rear rotor. The Legacy caliper is the same as most other 99-07 1-pot Subaru calipers so you can upsize to this rotor simply by purchasing the brackets and correct pads.
The "H6" bracket is part number 26625AE000. It uses pad shape D770
00-04 Legacy/Outback non-brighton
SVX (5x114.3, 190mm parking brake)
Ver5 STI type-RA (5x100, 190mm parking brake)

This is the Legacy turbo rear rotor. The caliper is similar to the other calipers but is wider to accomodate the vented rotors. I hear it was also found on the v1 WRX (93-94).
91-94 Legacy turbo

290x18mm (170mm parking brake)
290x18mm (190mm parking brake)
290x18mm (2010+ Legacy GT, BRZ)
There are actually three different rotors in this size. The first is the standard 06-07 WRX and 05-09 LGT rotor. It uses either a 2-piston opposed caliper or a 1-pot slider. The 2-pot will not bolt up to other Subarus without something like the Kartboy brackets or having a new backing plate pressed onto the spindle. The next version is for the STi 190mm parking brake so that 2-pots can be used on rally cars. The third version is for the newer cars. It can be found on the 2010+ LGT and the BRZ/FT86/FRS. This third version could also be used as an upgrade for the 08+ Impreza if you wanted to go to slightly larger vented rotor. It does not interchange with the group n rotor.
05-09 Legacy GT (1-pot, 170mm park brake)
06-07 WRX (2-pot)
04-07 STi with FHI 2-pot conversion
2010+ Legacy GT

Some older non-us spec-b Legacys and wrx/sti models (see rear brake redux)

Note: The LGT uses a different brake line than older Legacies and Imprezas. So I think you need to grind down part of the caliper where the line mounts to get it to work on an Impreza. The LGT lines are a different shape and mount and a different angle and you can't use them.

316x20mm (5x100)
316x20mm (5x100, 170mm parking brake)
316x20mm (5x114)
STi brembos. There are multiple versions of this disc. One for the 04 STi, one for 05-07, one for 08+ and one with a 170mm parking brake drum. There's an explanation how to install rear brembos on other cars a little farther down. 08+ sti rear rotors have a different backspacing.
04+ STi

Hey that's an odd size now isn't it. I was previously wrong with my thinking the Tribeca uses the same rotor as an STi. It does have the same bolt pattern (5x114.3) though. AFAIK, it uses a 170mm parking brake but don't quote me on that.

So, what does that mean? The calipers and brackets should work on an SVX. Unfortunately no front brakes are interchangeable onto an SVX because of the rotor hat back-spacing.

Some cars have rear drums that are like 9." I don't really know anything about Subaru drum brakes so it would help if someone filled that stuff in.
Some of them are: Legacy and Impreza Brighton models, Some 95-99 Legacy L models, some foresters and I think 02+ Impreza TS and OBS. (I'm not sure exactly)

To swap out drums, at the least you will need new parking brakes, backing plates, discs, calipers, and brake lines. It is usually best to get a whole knuckle/hub/parking brake assembly out of a car with rear discs. If you want to put rear discs on your front wheel drive Subaru, you might have to parts from a 90-94 Legacy, since they might be the only FWD Subarus with rear discs and the FWD rear hubs/spindles/struts/etc are different.

Installing rear Subaru 2-pots or Brembos on a non 2-pot car:

The Subaru and Brembos have the same backing plate, which is different from all the other Subaru rear disc backing plates. So calipers don't swap between the two. Additionally, the STi uses a 190mm parking brake drum. Pretty much everything else uses a smaller 170mm drum. That means if you take a set of rear brembos and put them on your WRX, the parking brake will not work.

However, there are Subaru 2-pot rotors (290x18mm) with a 190mm parking brake hat and Brembo rotors (316x20) w/ a 170mm e-brake so you can put either setup on either car. There are also Kartboy brackets that will adapt the 2-pot calipers to any other Subaru, and since both rotors are available in 170mm parking brake variety, you can swap either one onto any other Subaru. Here's a thread about fitting the brembos to other cars with the new Kartboy brackets and DBA rotors.

Here is the rear brake redux, which has more information about the older rear brakes that came on STis and fancy Legacys in Japan.

Some D-plate numbers
Originally Posted by stoptech
The Friction Materials Standards Institute (FMSI) is an association that assigns numbers to different pad shapes that are used as a guideline for pad manufacturers to refer to, and bring a common numbering system to the brake pad aftermarket. Virtually every pad manufacturer will either use the FMSI number in their numbering system or have a readily available interchange to cross-reference their part number to the FMSI number.
I should note that the caliper bracket, and not the caliper, is what determines pad shape. So while there are a few different pads, in some cases the calipers are the same.

Front 1-pots

1990-1995 Legacy
1993-1996 Impreza

1996-1999 Legacy
1997-2001 Impreza

Front 2-pots

1991-1994 Legacy Turbo
1996 Outback
1996 Legacy GT

1997-2002 Legacy
1998-2001 Impreza RS
2002 Impreza and WRX
1998-2002 Forester

2002-2009 Legacy/Outback (non-gt)
2003+ Impreza/Forester
8/2002-2005 WRX
2008+ WRX

I added a new shape, 1539. It is listed specifically for the 11+ but the basic shape is still the same. Difference is that the new pad has more friction material on it and slightly different wear indicators.

See this article for clarification on 02-03 shapes

2005-2009 Legacy GT

Rear 1-pots

1990-1999 Legacy
1993-1998 Impreza
1993-1997 SVX

2000-2004 Legacy
2005-2009 Legacy GT
1999-2002 Impreza

11/2002-2005 WRX
2003-2007 Impreza

2005+ Legacy 2.5i/Outback (incl 2010+)
2008-2011 Impreza
2008-2012 WRX
2009+ Forester
non-vented FRS/BRZ/86 rear brakes

2010+ Legacy GT

FHI 4/2-pots
Front: D647 (or D1170, D460, D1182)
Rear: D461

STi Brembos
Front: D1001
Rear: D961

Missing information:
- non-us market vehicles
- 2012 Impreza
- BRZ (but I'm pretty sure the rear brakes are the same as the 08+ WRX)

gm2 coupe / gf4/ cb7 saloon
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im looking to find out if i can just swap the whole rear end of a 93 non turbo automatic rear disc from a 93 lego awd over to my 97 brighton with manual awd.

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rear hubs interchange clear up to 07's with discs so it should work. not sure on the sub frame

gm2 coupe / gf4/ cb7 saloon
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So any forester would work too if i could find that? Hubs would work regaurdless of auto or manual? That would allow me to reuse my axles and diff? Which i think is r160

2000 impreza L wagon
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has anybody done the rear disc conversion and ordered ss brake lines? i have stock brake hose in front now, but the donor car rear brake lines. donor brakes are 03wrx, my car is 2000 L. if i order RS ss brake lines it should all match up right? let me know if i should remove this and post elsewhere please and thank you.

'00 RS / V5 STI
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Let me add:

1999 JDM STI Version 5 (standard) EJ207DW1PR

Front, 4 pot black caliper

Rear, 1 pot black caliper


gm2 coupe / gf4/ cb7 saloon
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what im trying to ask is what would be a direct fit for my 97 brighton that right now has drums and is awd 5spd. i wanna get rid of the drums in favor of discs. all the legacies ive seen are awd and auto. dunno if that would work with my pre existing 5spd stuff. had my choice of the 90-91 or 95-98.

97 Brighton, 04 2.5RS, 07 Foz
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what im trying to ask is what would be a direct fit for my 97 brighton that right now has drums and is awd 5spd. i wanna get rid of the drums in favor of discs. all the legacies ive seen are awd and auto. dunno if that would work with my pre existing 5spd stuff. had my choice of the 90-91 or 95-98.
95-99 legacy, maybe pre 95 as well?
93-07 impreza/wrx
98-08 forester

Those rear hubs/brakes should all fit. If you are swapping in complete spindles(which I would to avoid wheel bearings, though they're manageable), you will need the following from the donor

spindles with calipers, brackets, rotors, ebrake cables, and brake hoses.

Avoid using lateral links, struts, and trailing arms from the donor unless you understand how it will widen the vehicle and change the alignment.

If you find a 5 speed donor you should be able to use the axles(lsd diffs may not fit, research that) but if yours come out of the old hub they'll fit. Auto axles will not fit a 5 speed diff, lsd axles might not fit an open diff, I'm unsure of that. All hubs from those vehicles listed should accept any of the three axles though.

I put all of those 6 parts on my 97 brighton auto from an 02 wrx wagon.

As far as i know the alignment adjustments are made on the crossmember ends of the lateral links so if you dont touch them you should be within spec assuming you were to begin with.

'99 RBP RSTi Coupe
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Sorry if this is answered in the information originally provided (I read it, but a lot of it went over my head), but if someone could be nice enough to tell me if my 99 RS wheel speed/ABS sensors work with a 5x114.3 GD STi (05-07) hub? the rear RS sensors fit and bolt into the STi hub no problem. The front RS sensors do not fit into the STi hubs. So I for sure need to pick up a set of front STi wheel speed sensors, but can I save a few bucks and re-use the rear RS sensors?

2 Posts
I read through the amazing information above. However i was only able to understand half it. Not sure about age of the post and the post rules for that and sorry if this was explained above. Just looking to get the information below in a dumbed down level.

I have R180 Diff with r180 axels going into a 2001 subaru RS. I know these axels will not fit into RS hubs in the rear (the front fit i read) however because i am low on funds i cannot afford to do the complete front and backs so i just want to do the rears. My question is below:

Will 04 sti hub knuckle assembly 5x100 work with RS ROTORS and RS rear caliper ? (Hey gotta ask looking for the cheapest option to get this swap working)

If no

Will I need the 04 sti rotors and 04 brembo calipars also for the rear along with the 04 sti spindle?

Is it ok to run a rear 04 sti brake setup while using the RS brake set up in the front?

Again I cannot afford the full converison at the moment just want to make these rear axels fit in the rear hubs so i can get the car driving. Not concerned with excellent stoping power just want it to stop snd get the axels to fit in the rear.

Thank you

Turbo, LS swapped Impreza RS
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So the DBA 5010 appears to be the only rotor available that is 5x114 that will fit a two pot front. This great except they are 471$ a piece. Has anyone found an off the shelf rotor that can be used with a 5x114 hub/knuckle but with 2 pot fronts that clear 15s?

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my only contribution to this thread for posterity is that the "H6 rear conversion" brackets and larger rotors do fit fine under the 90's Legacy 15" alloys. have been running this setup for about 2 years.

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Hey all,
First post on this forum.
I recently bought a 2000 Impreza Outback Sport AWD.
I'm doing a drum to h6 conversion and one of the last parts I have to source are knuckles.
The local pick N pull has several 2000ish Outback wagons with rear discs- will these knuckles work with my Impreza axles? I thought they were the same as the awd disc Legacy knuckles but I wanted to ask the brains on this forum before I went and pulled them.

Thanks in advance!

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Those knuckles won't bolt up to the rear. You have to use 90-99 Legacy (L, GT, outback, etc), 98-08 Forester, or Impreza through 2007 knuckles with factory disc.

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Hi Folks, been reading this thread and got some questions; I have a 98 legacy sedan non turbo with rear disc brakes, i have fairly new rear rotors, but my rear calipers are pretty locked up cuz of the gliding pins. I want to just order the cheapest replacement calipers i can find and i see that is same year but from a wagon. From what i can tell the diffrence is that the caliper piston in wagon caliper is 38mm vs my sedans 34mm. will this still work, would a bigger piston mean a slightly improved rear brake? im not looking to improve the stopping power really, i just dont want it to become worse than stock. Also can someone confirm they are a straight swap? Thanks
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