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Hi Im gabe, 18 and recently I just bought my dream car(ish) a 2005 Subaru Impreza (2.5rs) and I wanted to post the build progress throughout this form on it, there is Rust on the quarter panels starting, by the gas cap and around the wheel wheels that is surface, Also there is some on the underskirts that are starting that I need to fix as soon as possible, Ill be posting pictures later of the rust, but ill post some pictures of it overall aswell. I will also keep track of mods I put on the car.

Exterior Mods:
Rally Armour Mudflaps
Aftermarket Towhook

Interior Mods:
Autool X50 Guage
Broadway Mirror

Engine Mods:

Suspension and Undercarriage:

Tsudo Catback Exhaust

Exterior Cosmetics:
Subaru Decal
Akina Speed Stars decal (dont judge me it was laying around)
Subaru logo wheel caps (Got for christmas)

Interior Cosmetics:
Red Shoulder Pads

Engine Cosmetics:

Tires: FP7000 Ohtsu (Aka broke boy tires)

If you have advice please list it, Im taking all the advice I can get, thanks.
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Congrats on your first impreza, and welcome to the forum :)
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