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everything i've got listed below so people don't ask me silly questions...i had no idea it would all be done in the space of the last 8 or 9 months... :eek: when i bought this silly little thing last march to rid myself of the "mod money trap" that was my VW, i figured i'd throw some RS rims on it and be done. apparently, i don't know myself too well... :rolleyes: :D

i'm debating right now whether to buy another daily driver, and turn this thing into a rocket sled, or just call it quits with the impreza and make it the daily driver -- finish the rear suspension, make a few little appearance tweaks, put the OEM pulleys back on and switch to a lightened flywheel, and then build a SILVIA.


not that it can happen anytime soon, but i don't daydream often enough anymore. ;)
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