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Bored: what mods have you done?

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I was a little irritated that the mods list feature was disabled from the Members section of the i-club without any good explanation.

I started taking mental inventory of the mods and changes i've done so far:

K&N panel drop-in filter
N1 lightweight pulleyset
shortshifter kit

replica Sti front strut tower bar
JC Sports 20 mm rear sway bar
Sti Ver V springs and shocks
Sti strut mount top hats

Dunlop SP5000s

Aiwa CDC-MP32 mp3 CD deck

replica Ver VI front lip
replica RB5 Prodrive wing
Sti rear bumper spats
FHI red/white tail lamps
FHI front clear corner lights
euro clear front bumper lights
smoked side markers
Sti dark green I badge
debadged SUBARU lettering and 2.5RS stickers
chrome AWD Legacy GT badge

Thats all I can think of for now :)

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They disabled it? Permanently?

My mods:


Soon to be:

Brake pads - KFP Magnum Blues.
Struts - Konis - P/N 8610-1351 Sport (Purchased from
Spark Plugs - Denso Iridium IK20, NGK BKR6E-11, or NGKBKR6EVX-11
Sway bar - SPO Motorsports 19/20/21mm adjustable (Purchased used)
Strut tower bars - Whiteline Front and Rear Strut tower bars (Purchased used)
Cobb Tuning Cold Air Intake
ProECM power chip
G-Tech Performance meter (Purchased from J.C. Whitney)
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Performance mods:
GanzFlow CAI
K&N panel filter
Stromung dual-tip axel-back exhaust
STi replica short-shifter (what Larry and Cobb sell)

Suspension mods:
Subaru front strut tower brace
Whiteline adjustable (18-20-22mm) rear swaybar (set at 20mm)

Exterior mods:
Custom painted (red/green/blue) front badge
Extra 2.5RS trunk badge on grill
Clear corners
Clear side markers
JDM red/clear tails
Custom SPEC windshield banner
Chome skull valve caps stickers
Subaru acrylic bugshield
Custom dented passenger-side fender

Interior/Stereo mods:
Chome skull shiftknob
Trunk light
JL Audio 10" woofer in JL PowerWedge box
Sony 752 amp (bridged to 150 mono for sub)
Cargo net for trunk

Car cover
Bird poop (can't always have the cover on!)

Well, i think that's all of them!
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Mods? Mine are listed here, in the "Bored" thread that I posted last night too!

We must've been on the same wavelength. :D Mine's more of a wish list though.... but I did list what I already have, first.


Not as much as you!

-Removed silencer

CUSCO Zero-2R Coilovers
CUSCO F/R OS Strut tower bars
CUSCO Rear control arm bar
CUSCO adjustablr rear sway bar

EDIT: Tire:
Pirelli P-Zero Assimetrico 205/55/16 (just got it friday!)

Kartboy short shifter

Sparco Globe X Shift knob (red)
Debadged "SUBARU" and "2.5RS"

Prob. Falken Azenis tires 205/55/16
Fix front bumper (attacked by a killer snowbank)
V5/V6 front lip
C-West front grill

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You know, I wrote it all down once, it almost made my cry how much money I've wasted(?)

Brullen Medium cat-back
Cobb exhaust hangers
Borla header
UR pulley
Cobb cai
Cobb Spicy cams
NGK copper plus plugs at 0.060" gap
SS brake lines
Ceramic front pads, Applied Engineering semi-met rears
Kumho 225-45-16 712's (no rubbing)
FHI 20mm rear sway bar
SPT/Eibach springs
Eibach alignment kit in rear
"weighted" alignment at -0.8 front camber, -0.4 rear camber, 0.0 toe, front and rear
ProCarParts front strut bar (hey, I got it for cheap)
ProCarParts short shifter (also cheap)
Single point grounded
AutoMeter Phantom Oil pressure, Oil Temp, and Volt gauges in DC Customs gauge mask
Eclipse 5441 head unit
Polk Audio speakers
Jensen 400w 4-ch amp
90 watt JVC amp
2 10" advent subs with Chrysler Injection harness connector for wiring (disconnects quickly) and custom mounting brakets on box with wingnut attachments (can have the box and sub out in under 1 minute)
Painted badge
DIY clear corners
...and a Trunk Monkey named Paco.
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yamarocket630 said:
You know, I wrote it all down once, it almost made my cry how much money I've wasted(?)
Wasted? WASTED?!?! Money is never wasted on improving a Subaru! I've spent about a grand, and I wish I had more to spend. Once i get a job, though, time to spend some more! Oh, and start saving so I can buy it at the end of the lease!:D
You know, I wrote it all down once, it almost made my cry how much money I've wasted(?)

hehe.... :)

Forced Air Tech Stage II Turbo Kit
Walbro Fuel Pump
NGK Spark Plugs
Stromung 3" dual-tip Turbo Exhaust
HKS SSQV Blowoff Valve
Tial 35mm Wastegate
Vishnu Fuel Rail & Fuel Pressure Regulator
Tec-II Engine Management System
Engine Bolt Caps (red)
Silicone Hoses (red)

KYB AGX Adjustable Shocks
5Zigen R Rated Springs
20mm Rear Sway Bar
Whiteline Heavy Duty Rear Sway bar links
Whiteline Heavy Duty Front Sway bar links
Subaru Strut Tower Bar
Rear Strut Tower Bar
Kartboy Hangman Hangers

Kartboy Short Shifter Lever
Kartboy Shifter Bushings
STi Transmission Mount
ClutchMaster Stage III Kevlar Clutch
JUN Lightened Flywheel (12.36lbs)
Chalack 1/2 Dogbox
NEO Gear Oil Fluid (75w90RHD)
Quaife Front Diff
Subaru Heavy Duty Center Diff

Clear Bumper Lights
Clear Side Markers
Cool Blue Headlights
Custom Grill Mod
Painted Bumper Vents
WRX Clear Corner Lenses
PIAA H3 Super White High Intesity Halogen fog lights
PIAA H99 Super White High Intesity Halogen side lights
Fogs & High Beam mod
Rear Red/Clear Lenses
STi Version V rear spoiler
Vanity Plates
Subaru Sunroof Deflector
Stant Locking Gas Cap (11501)
STi Pink "I" Badge
STi Version V grill
STi Version V front lip spoiler
22B hood vents

Steel Braided Brake Lines
Brembo Slotted Front Rotors
Metal Masters Front Pads
G2 Caliper Paint

Air Filtration Kit
Painted Guages
Racing Pedals
Seat Belt Shoulder Pads
Trunk Light
Impreza Trunk Mat
Autometer Phantom Guages (Boost, EGT, & Fuel Pressure)
Hella Air Horn

Blaupunkt San Jose MP3 Head Unit
Kenwood 6.5in Coaxails Front and Rear
Crunch V-150 Amp
Crunch V-200 Amp
Cerwin Vega 10" Subwoofer

Tires & Rims
Kumho Ecsta Supra 712 215/45-17 ZR
Subaru UK OEM 17's
Subaru Wheel Locks
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My Mods:


IHI RHB5 Turbo
RalliSpec TMIC
GReddy Type-S BOV
K&N Filter
Walbro Fuel Pump (255LPH HP)
J&S Safegaurd
Apexi Super-ITC
GReddy 52mm Boost, Fuel Press., and EGT
WRX Turbo-back exhaust
Legacy Uppipe w/20 mm spacer
Vortech FMU
Custom turbo and intake piping
STi Engine Mounts
ACT Clutch


STi Ver. V suspension
SPD 20 mm rear sway


Brembo cross-drilled rotors
Goodrigle SS Lines
Eurotor Carbon-Kevlar Pads

I'm sure I'm forgetting something

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havent had car too long + not a lot of money =

sparco shift knob
blue/yellow badge stickers:D
Mods so far:

Ganzflo intake
Borla headers
Rallispec 2.25 cat-back

Clear corners
Clear bumper lights
Clear side markers
Red/Clear rears
22B hood vents
Ver VI lip
Rear spats
Painted side skirts
Bumper vent mod

Gold Prodrive P7's
Kuhmo Ecsta 712 205/45/17

Whiteline 18-22 rear sway bar
Whiteline HD sway bar mounts
Whiteline sway bar links front and rear
M2 DMS- on order
STI strut tops- on order

That's all for now, but I'm sure the list will keep growing.

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So far, Ive done the following:

20MM Rear Swaybar
Ganzflow CAI
Kartboy Shifter
Clear Headlight Mod
K&N Filter
Clear Sidemarkers
NGK Plugs
Mobil-1 Oil
Stromung Catback
Borla Headers
Momo Airleather
Kartboy Exhaust Hangers
Hella 500s w/ Kartboy Adapters
Mr Josh pulley
Wheelskins shift boot
STI I Badge
Kuhmo Ecsta 712s
Whiteline Rear Diff Lock Kit
About 150 lbs removed stickers good for 200hp :)

And I think thats its.. Pretty unimpressive..
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everything i've got listed below so people don't ask me silly questions...i had no idea it would all be done in the space of the last 8 or 9 months... :eek: when i bought this silly little thing last march to rid myself of the "mod money trap" that was my VW, i figured i'd throw some RS rims on it and be done. apparently, i don't know myself too well... :rolleyes: :D

i'm debating right now whether to buy another daily driver, and turn this thing into a rocket sled, or just call it quits with the impreza and make it the daily driver -- finish the rear suspension, make a few little appearance tweaks, put the OEM pulleys back on and switch to a lightened flywheel, and then build a SILVIA.


not that it can happen anytime soon, but i don't daydream often enough anymore. ;)
Basically I have a wrc car with roll up electric windows, sunroof, air conditioning and cruise.. it eats porsches and the local mustang crowd murmurs about it all night long at the strip.
bridged deck block with je 8.5 to 1 pistons attached to pauter x pattern rods attached to rebalanced knife edged crank . eaton m62 blower feeding spearco 3x7x21" fmic feeding 12 lbs boost at 68 degrees to msd 770 cc injectors into heavily, heavily massaged intake manifold, ports, guides and compression chambers. 3" full exhaust. engine control by Hasam Chalak semi elliptical full dog box with top and bottom stock ratio with 2nd 3rd 4th proportionatly placed ratios. sings like a molested catholic choir boy in all five gears.( terrible similie sorry ) prodrive wr inverted strut susp, three sets of alloys. recognized by Simon Lines of Prodrive as "very impressive" (actual tangible credentials, my 15 minutes of fame) no wing, no decorations (maybe 1; grille badge is leather with fetish spikes. only outside decoration) daily driven. I bought it in 1997 and have been dreaming it up since 94.
Ozzy, your car is ready!:checkit:
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5252, you can't just write all that down w/o any pics:biggest: ! PICS PICS PICS!!!! Sorry, but your car sounds soo nice! Did I mention I want pics?:biggest:
I would love to know how much that suspension set you back, probably a pretty penny.

To say the least, I am mesmerized by your car antics. This is how I would like my car to be one day, just with a turbo instead! Hopefully I'm on my way.

Oh yeah, are you using the multiple injector drives from SDS EFI?

I looked into this system, but having the injectors mounted in the throttle body seems like a pain, and I'm not sure how well it would fit on our Subie's. Any info on the system and its installation would be appreciated.

Thank you very much! 137 pics at Enter the album name" breathless". Don't forget to breathe.:) I have the shift forks out and should have some trans cluster shots up next week. I paid full tilt on the suspension from SPDUSA but I was four years younger and it was exactly what I wanted. Mike Shields made it up to me on other orders:)
"Oh yeah, are you using the multiple injector drives from SDS EFI?"
Nope, I have 4, 770 cc, 72 lb/hr MSD concave pintle injectors meticulosly mounted in new bosses in the original manifold spots, single injector drive and very interesting maps. See the pics. I believe they are the biggest injectors on a Scooby in the usa. They always puddle on turbo Scooby applications but I have enough tube velocity. Purrs around town . 6 mpg's though. Visit and or Incredible faqs. and check out the 300 hp VR6 Quattro Rabbit on the projects page. Woo hoo!
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