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I guess this is a topic that's earned repetitiveness in a few forums across the car-lovers' UBB world, but here I sit, bored to death, and writing down a "wish list" for my car.

Whose new name is "******," by the way. Long story. :D

So, let's see what we have, here.....

Existing mods!

- Kartboy short shifter & bushings
- Kartboy Knuckleball shift knob, silver
- Black leather/red stitch boots for shifter & e-brake from (my i-Club group buy)

- STi/FHI Version 5 suspension (struts & springs)
- Whiteline 18-22mm adjustable rear swaybar
- Whiteline front strut tower brace
- K&N air filter
- Dunlop SP9000 tires (OEM size on OEM wheels)
- 22B knockoff hood vents
- Silver mesh grille kit from ChosenWon

Things I want badly, but may never afford! :happynow:

- Cobb Tuning. As much as I can afford. Maybe turbo, maybe N/A. Undecided. It's my dream world. Leave me alone.
- STi engine pitching stopper
- STi Group N engine/transmission mounts
- New transmission (dogbox??)
- Really nice clutch (maybe STi, or whatever can take the power)

- Recaro seats in leather and alcantara to match the rest of my interior
- Dash/center console aluminum trim
- STi steering wheel
- New stereo system (Xtant or TubeDriver amps, Dynaudio components, Boston Acoustics Pro subwoofer maybe)
- Dynamat the entire car. Floor, doors... all of it.
- New carpet. I've worn a hole in the driver's side with my heel. Cheap piece of.... :curse:

- 17" wheels. Euro. WRX OEM or Euro. Legacy B4 OEM..... Or Volk TE37.... Or Prodrive PFF7 (gorgeous!!!). Silver or anthracite. No gold.
- Big brake kit. Including stainless lines, new master cylinder and single-stage booster.
- Exhaust. Nothing too loud.

- 22B front grille.
- Real 22B hood vents.
- Ver. 5 underlip spoiler, side sills and rear 22B bumper spats, painted Aspen White to match :D
- HIDs. Maybe Morette?? Or a JDM HID, if there ever was one for the old cars...
- Smoked foglight covers with white borders (no STi label)
- OEM coupe wing

- Differentials. How many more can we squeeze in there? Heh.

- Moderate window tint (rear passengers and rear window)

That's it, I think. To be Edited later, perhaps.
That was fun.

I'll wake up, now....
Broke and hatin' it...

EDIT! :D Thought of some things...

- STi aluminum control arms for the rear...
- The tires I'd want would probably be Pirelli P-Zero Rosso or Toyo T1-S (215/45-17)
- Up my rear swaybar from 18 to 20mm, though I think I'll be swapping for a 20mm STi bar soon anyway (Whiteline clunks too much)
- Kartboy exhaust hangars, probably in black

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To follow up on this my wishlist includes:

-Borla 3rd or 4th gen headers
-Apex-i N1 or 5Zigen fireball catback exhaust *or* Stromung SS dual tip exhaust with SS midpipe (much classier looking)
-Sti motor/tranny mounts
-ProECM chip

-DMS Gold or Tien HA coilover suspension in the next couple years
-whiteline adjustable rear sway bar

-Sti Euro fronts

-Sti foglamp covers
-17" Rota Tarmacs with Falken Azenis tires

...and somewhere down the line a WRX engine/drivetrain transplant :)


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Nice. :) Though I'd prefer to keep the EJ25, just do the hardened 2.2L block so it can handle turbo (due to the 2.5 engine's turbo-hating notoriety). I think it's the short block that you switch out.... Hmm, dunno. The added torque that the 2.5 offers makes it sound sweeter to me--like a bunch of quality mods would allow it to beat the crap out of even an STi!!!

I forgot to mention suspension stuff I'd change. I mean I like my Ver.5 setup, but... hmm... I bet Prodrive coilovers would be sweeter...

Lower, though, and that I don't like. Maybe I'll just upgrade to the new STi struts/springs. :biggest:


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i'm sure most of you have seen my list:D

1999-2001 Subaru Impreza L 5 spd Sedan

Engine Performance
2.5L close-deck engine block
8.5:1 compreesion ratio pistons
Cobb Tuning:
Race Heads
Turbo Cams
Valve & valve springs
Turbonetics Turbocharger
Custom Sparco intercooler
HKS Racing Super Sequential Blow Off Valve
Performance pulley
3" up pipe and down pipe
Performance turbo headers (custom)
Cone filter
Custom exhuast system with dual exhaust tail pipes (one on each side of the rear bumper)
NGK Premium Spark plugs
AQUAMIST Water injection
Water Spray kit for the intercooler

Transmission/Drivetrain Performance
ACT Clutch 6 puck
JUN flywheel or a lighter fly wheel
MRT dog gearbox
LSD front/rear
CUSCO 35/65 center differential (I would rather have the STi adjustible center diff. if possible)
SYMS short shift kit

ECU Performance
TEC II or the latest engine management.
Guages needed:
Fuel Pressure

Exterior Performance & Show
Zero Sports front bumper OR CUSTOM MADE FRONT BUMPER
WRX Version V rear bumper without splats
WRC carbon fiber hood without scoop
APR EVO GT II adjustible wing or the one that looks similar at
OEM Clear front corner lamps
Clear signal lamps
Clear side markers
EOM Red/clear taillights
STi badging under side markers
Removed side moldings
Painted inside headlight chrome piece (black)

DMS 50mm Giants Coilovers
WhiteLine adjustible 22-24mm rear sway bar w/ solid links
WhiteLine Anti-Lift kit
WhiteLine Strut Bracing front/rear
Aluminum Front Control Arm
Adjustible Front camber/caster plates
Adjustible Rear camber plates
MRT Adjustible Rear Trailing arms
CUSCO Rear Cross Member


fixed the link

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Engine stuff:
Drop Ver.6 STi Engine
CUSCO Titanium exhaust
CUSCO headers
JUN 2.2l stroker kit
HKS F-con V-pro
HKS GT wastegate
Zero Sport S.O.Datar ECU
ARC Induction system
Zero Sport High Performance Turbine kit
Custom titanium up & down pipes w/hi-flow cat
SARD fuel pump
SARD fuel injector
Magnacore plug wires
SARD Sport Radiator

Zero Sports 6 speed tranny:devil:
STi tranny oil cooler
STi Driver control Differential
CUSCO RS rear diff.
CUSCO Hyper single clutch/flywheel combo
STi engine & tranny mount

Suspension stuff:
CUSCO Zero 2R coiover (got 'em!:p )
CUSCO F/R OS strut bars (got 'em:biggest: )
CUSCO F/R lower control arm bars (got the rear ones)
CUSCO Lateral link
CUSCO Trailing rod
CUSCO 4 pt. rollbar
STi hard bushings all around
STi aluminum front control arms
FLATT racing side strut bars
CUSCO rear adj, sway bar (got 'em)
Prova F/R Stabilizer link
Whiteline ALK

Endless 6 pot front brake system
Wilwood rear 4 pots
stainless steel lines
better master cylinder
Endless Pads

Track: 17 in. VOLK CE28N w/ Bridgestone 540S tires
Street: 18 in. OZ racing superT Evo. forged edition w/ Pirelli P-Zero Rosso tires

Widebodt kit (L'aunsports)
-includes F/R bumper, side skirts, F/R fenders, and wing
WRC side mirrors
RB5 Wing
clear corners
C-West front grill
WRC carbon hood
New ceiling (get rid of sunroof, put one w/ roof vents)
Paint side skirts
No stickers, emblems, or badges (except for the sticker of course)

Spaco Milano Seats Wrapped in black alcantra w/ red stitching
Sparco steering wheel
Spaco Pedals
Sparco shift knob (got it)
Wrap the ceiling in something black (hate the gray)
Defi Guages everywhere

...Possibly would want to reverse the intake manifold (a la WRC car)

...This list is depressing, but hey, it's a dream:p

I probably missed a few things but I think this is good enough:biggest:

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Ok, here I go, it's a pretty general list right now...

Before everything.... REPAINT THE CAR! Subaru paint sucks so much, I'd want my car repainted. My choice of colors, either Sedona Red Pearl (as it is now), or Steel Blue Mica.

Carbon Fiber Version 6 front lip
Possible Carbon fiber hood
Version 6, C-West, or A-pro Carbon Fiber front grill
STi Foglight covers
OE 22B vents
Version 4-6 rear bumper skin
Version 6 rear spoiler (JDM or UKDM, not replica)
Painted side skirts
Rear spats
Shaved door moldings
Shaved trunk lock
Shaved antenna
Possible shaved sunroof
Completely badgeless, except for 1 or 2 stickers on rear side windows, tastefully done.
20-30% tint all around (well minus windshield)
JDM Corner lights and sidemarkers
Possible Carbon Fiber/regular Ganador mirrors

- basically repeating Impretzel ;) Though I'm not as hardcore, I'd like mine to be somewhat cofortable to drive daily
Cusco Zero 2R Coilovers
Cusco Front & Rear OS Strut Bars
Cusco Front & Rear Lower control arm bars
Cusco Rear Adjustable Sway Bar
STi hardend bushings all around
STi Aluminum Front Control Arms

4-pots will do nicely, what kind? who knows :p
Better pads
Upgraded master cylinder
Stainless Steel brake lines

18x7.5 Gold Advan RGs w/ Advan A032s (why not :p), Pirelli P-Zero Rosso, or something else.
18x7.5 Gunmetal Buddy Club P1 QFs w/ tires above
18x7.5 Winning Gold Racing Hart CP-035s w/ tires above
18x7.5 Gunmetal Volk LE37s w/ tires above
18x7.5 Advan Model 6 w/ tires above
16x7 JDM STi Volk TE37s (they came on one of the STi) - track
(if you haven't figured it out, I LIKE RIMS!)

JUN Prepped Turbo EJ25 (only need about 400hp :D)
bunch of electroic for turbo (turbo timer, boost controller, etc)
New radiator
New plugs and wires
A FMIC of sorts
HKS Ti-Carbon 3" exhaust
STi 6 speed transmission
STi tranny oil cooler
STi engine & transmission mounts
Upgraded Front & Rear Diffs
A bunch of other crap I can't think of

Recaro SRDs and rear seats wrapped in black alcantra w/ red stitching
All other fabric wrapped in black alcantra (door area, rear seat area)
Red stiched shift boot
Version 6 or 7 JDM Momo steering wheel
STi gauge cluster
STi floor mats
STi pedals, so long as I can get them without PINK accents
Real Carbon fiber accents on dash etc. (not too crazy though)
Carbon fiber e-brake handle
Aluminum Sparco shift knob
Upgraded carpet on floor
Defi Gauges

LCD screen/CD player
Upgraded speakers
2 10" subwoofers
One 6 channel amp
(amps and subs must be removable or lightweight)

This car would be my pride and joy and I'd probably drive it quiet often, or just let it sit in a garage and look gorgeous :p I'm sure there's more, but oh well.

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22B widebody kit
22B front bumper and grill
22B hood vents
Prodrive rear wing
everything is painted Sonic Blue
17 inch STi Electra C rims wrapped in S-03 pole position tires
16 inch Raceline RL7 wrapped in Nokian Hakkapolita Snow tires
skid plates to protect vital engine parts
HID head lamps
STi roof scoop

Sparco Torino Seats
Cusco 4-point roll cage
Momo Apache steering wheel
Prodrive Shift knob
Blitz Racing DC electric boost, oil fuel and water gauges

STi top mounted intercooler
IHI VF22 ball bearing turbine
custom uppie and downpipe made from titanium
HKS super flow intake system
HKS EVC IV boost controller
APEXi GT spec radiator-type s
HKS oil cooling kit
Tech II engine management system
NGK spark plugs
SARD fuel regulator and pump
Tial Wastegate
Forged conrods
low compression Titanium pistons
lightweight valves
titanium valve springs
STi engine mounts

Complete Sti V6 6 speed Transmission with variable centre differential mated to sequential shifter
ACPT carbon driveshaft
STi Lightened flywheel for 6MT
ACT clutch
STi front and rear LSD

DMS 50mm coilovers or Ohlins PCV coilovers
cusco front and rear adjustable sway bars
front and rear Cusco OS strut tower bars
J Speed side strut bar
cusco trailing arms
cusco control arms
STi hardened bushings
Prova Sway bar links

Endless rotors and 6 pot calipers in the front and 4 pots in the rear. (can fit 16in rims) Just the front calipers
Zero Sport brake lines

Tanabe Hyper Medallion
J Speed Headers

I think that's everything
just one mistake prova don't make a sequential shifter the thing about the 4 pots fitting under 16in rims was just a misunderstanding on your part impretzel i just meant the fronts.

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Jeez ImprezaMan, and I thought *my* list was extensive!

Damn. :biggest:

Paint. I forgot about the paint, too. Yep, I'd definitely get a new paint job. Might keep it white, or a really bright silver.

And the fender flares sound good, too. Hmm....!

I've thought about the power, and I think I'd like to keep it N/A ... a Cobb Stage II power kit (the Stage III is for Turbo I think), but maybe upgrade some of the specifics to Stage III specs, just because, y'know, I can. :D

May as well do the brakes while I'm at Cobb, with their kit.
Ah yes, and the new Kartboy endlinks for the rear (and the front ones when they develop them), along with the inserts.

Might do some leatherwork on the interior stuff, like the dashboard, just to make the "touchables" nicer.

Being hypothetically rich is hard work.


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wow, mine's pretty small...

first off, i just need my left rear strut to get here, so i can finish my suspension...

then will come many months of debt reduction. :D


- purchase a nice 99-01 stock RS daily driver.
- project mayhem can re-commence. :devil:
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