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Welcome to my journey of ruining my RS sedan, bit by bit.

Most recent look:

Parts list:

From the 2005 STi (~40k miles):
EJ257, ECU+immobilizer, 6 speed trans, driveshaft, rear diff, axles, 5x114 hubs, Brembo brakes
Front subframe w/ steering rack, sway bars+endlinks, front aluminum control arms
Rear subframe+T brace, rear aluminum lateral links, trailing arms

V3 Cobb AP
TGV Deletes
Killer B Oil Pickup
DW850cc injectors
Grimmspeed EBCS
DW300lph fuel pump
catch can (JEGS) with AN fittings
Group N motor mounts
L&E Fabrications steering rack adapter
Koyo Radiator R2218 w/ slim fans
JDM in-fender coolant overflow tank
Mishimoto thermostat
Big custom TMIC
custom intake to FP 84mm turbo inlet
FP HTA 71 Turbo w/ 84mm compressor port, ported and coated turbine housing+turbo blanket
Tial 44mm External wastegate
Cobb downpipe (originally catted; gutted and flex pipe added+hi-temp coating)
custom 3” aluminum CBE

ACT Clutch
OEM STi flywheel
Cobb short shifter
Cobb front/Torque Solutions rear shifter bushings
DCCDPro Spiider w/ cluster display and OEM STi controls

RCE Tarmac 2 Coilovers (500/400)
Vorshlag Camber Plates
Whiteline camber bolts
Whiteline Anti Lift Kit
Whiteline Front Roll Center/Bump Steer Correction Kit
Whiteline HD rear sway mounts
M4iF Fender Braces
Torque Solutions rear diff brace

’98 L non-abs brake master, bay hard lines, prop valve
Centric non-abs 1 1/16 brake master cylinder
DBA 4000 rotors
Stoptech Street Performance pads
Goodridge SS lines

VIS Carbon hood
MRT high-rise scoop
22b rep vents
Retrofitted projectors w/ HIDs
ebay amber corner lights
JDM v6 grille w/ cherry blossom stars badge
aftermarket fluted clear bumper indicators
oem fog covers, painted and mounted with RallyTech stainless brackets
p1 replica front lip
Fiat flares
Carbon trunk w/ carbon prodrive rep spoiler
JDM taillights
JDM rear bumper with spats
Grimmspeed antenna delete

Rays Gramlights 57dr in bronze – 5x114.3, 17x9 +22
245/40 17 Bridgestone Potenza RE71r’s

JPM Coachworks custom-stitched visors
Corbeau Forza FIA (driver), w/ Corbeau rails and double locking sliders
Euro WRX passenger and rear seats
NRG gen 3 hub + quick release
Sparco leather L360 flat bottom wheel
JDM Ver 5/6 cluster MPH converted w/ DCCD display
Flocked center cubby (from a Forester?)
JDM hazard button
JDM dual cupholder
LHD airbag delete
oem single din pocket
STi Titanium shift knob
Zealous extended armrest cover
STi Drive by wire pedal w/ adapter plate
STi pedal covers
OEM trunk light


So, I owned a 2000 RS coupe named Betty the Boobaru ( I had an awesome time building her... But I decided it was time to search for a house and chose to sell the car for extra money. I knew I couldn't go without an RS, so I was searching for a cheap, not so rusty car to start with. Oh, and I wanted a SEDAN this time :naughty:

I found this 2000 aspen white sedan FS on here and on eBay. I threw in some bids and ended up winning the car for $2,550. I went and picked her up in MD in April 2015...and then sold Betty in June.

The car was mostly stock when I picked it up, but it did have a coupe spoiler and JDM taillights! oh...and had blue front calipers, drilled rotors....and it was automatic ?

The first thing to go was the auto trans. I picked up a rusted out, motorless parts car for 800 bucks. Parted everything else out and boom, free 5spd swap :D

Once I had a proper transmission, I started adding things here and there...

  • JDM 22b vents
  • MRT highrise hood scoop
  • amber corners
  • JDM rainbow foglights
  • euro WRX front and rear seats
  • extended armrest with CF cover (from Zealous)
  • custom visors, black with pink stitching from JPM coachworks
...and some other stuff that I will have to remember and add to this...

Added ISC n1 coils and threw my volks on ?

Repainted the front calipers black, and dipped the wheels teal!

AND! Things to do before snow :stafiseiz

  • winter tires (on stock 6 spokes)
  • JDM STi v6 suspension
  • ball joints
  • starter
  • brakes (picked up new-to-me calipers with pads and rotors, and new stainless lines and adapters. bought rebuild kits for the calipers and will be repainting them.)
  • gaskets/plugs/oil change on the motor
I have been super busy with work and just driving the car, adding things here and there. More posts and pictures to come! :color:


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What started as a clean-ish RS sedan turned into the "ratchet-ru"...

Fast forward to the summer of 2016, after telling myself over and over that I wasn't going to STi swap this car and spend a lot of money on it...

I found an STi swapped L coupe FS near me, and for a good price.

I bought it, swapped the goods into the sedan, and parted and scrapped the rest.

I drove the car like that for a bit with small changes here and there like an oem v5 spoiler, a roof rack, powdercoated the volks teal, and a carbon hood.

Then about a year ago, I had the car cut up and the fiat flares installed. Started with ESR wheels and then went to the 3pc SSR MS1's :drool:

A few pictures of the different looks she has had up to this point:


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I'll use this post to update more about the most recent swap that started in April 2019.

Another coupe donor - 1999 White Impreza 2.5RS (update: found a short build journal on here for her -
2005 STi swap with only ~40k miles

From the FS listing:
* 2005 EJ257, wiring harness, ECU, etc.
* FP HTA 71 Turbo w/
* 84mm compressor port
* Ported turbine housing
* Coated turbine housing
* Turbo blanket
* Tial 44mm External wastegate
* Cobb BCS
* Big custom top mount IC
* FP 84mm turbo inlet and custom intake
* Cobb Accessport V3
* Cobb downpipe (no cat)
* Downpipe-back 3” Aluminum exhaust
* TGV Deletes
* Koyo Radiator
* Killer B Oil Pickup
* DW850cc injectors
* DW300lph fuel pump

* 2005 STi 6 Speed Transmission
* Cobb Short Shifter
* ACT Clutch
* OEM Flywheel
* STi driveshaft, rear diff, axles, master cylinder, slave cylinder, front subframe, rear subframe, hubs, knuckles, short ratio steering rack, sway bars, endlinks

Suspension, Brakes, Tires:
* RCE Tarmac 2 Coilovers
* Vorshlag Camber Plates
* STi Front and rear brembos (ABS Works)
* Hawk HP Plus pads
* DBA 4000 rotors
* 1 set of 17x8 gold BBS
* 1 set of 17x8 silver BBS
* 235 R888R Tires

Interior (it’s stripped):
* Corbeau Forza FIA (driver)
* Corbeau Fx1 Pro (passenger)
* Corbeau rails and double locking sliders
* Defi Boost gauge
* STi Drive by wire pedal
* OMP WRC Steering wheel
* NRG fen 3 hub and quick connect
* JDM Ver 5/6 Cluster and OEM cluster

* Shaved Molding
* Carbon hood and big scoop
* Carbon trunk and JDM wing
* Fog light covers
* Retro fitted projectors and HIDs

The coupe was taken up to my buddy's garage (he's using the coupe shell for a JDM v6 wrx swap, I got to do all of this bs in an actual garage vs my driveway...everybody wins) and I stripped off everything I needed:


The donor harness was merged by the previous owner and stripped for weight/autox, I wanted it back to oem spec. So I was able to use the donor harness and my old RS 5spd harness (from the silver sedan 5spd donor) to take to Zephyr and have a new merged harness created. Also had the DCCDPro installed at this time.

My sedan was stripped down and all the old stuff sold off:

The swap was done in my friend's garage but we had limited space, which turned into me bringing most of the exterior and spare parts back to my house for storage / to keep it out of our way.

My poor fiance, I stole our entire basement.

The goal for this new swap is still to be driveable on any given day, +weekend warrior, and actually giving track or maybe autox a try this time around.

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I was wondering when you where gonna make a journal for the new car. How are you resisting putting that JDM Al hood on this?

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Looking good. A swap in the works for this one too?
Thank you, Teddy! yeah I will definitely swap the car, most likely a simple 205 swap. Nothing fancy as I am budgeting the cash for other things. Also, I won't be swapping it right away, at the earliest it will be spring or summer.


Better be as good as Betty
I mean unfortunately, it won't be anywhere near Betty. I'm not planning on repainting this car or fixing any body rust. The swap also won't be an STi, so.... sorry :(

I was wondering when you where gonna make a journal for the new car. How are you resisting putting that JDM Al hood on this?
I am resisting because I'm actually selling it to the guy who bought Betty! the alum hood will be going on the car it was bought for :)

In other news, the calipers are almost fully prepped for paint and I got my snow tires mounted on my six spokes today. Here comes winter mode!

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It's good to see you start a new journal for the Boobaru 2/Betty White? :naughty: Haha

Congrats on the house! It takes ALOT of patience and planning and it can get pretty tough to build a car when you have a house and life stuffs going on! Unless you have a good paying job or a loaded partner to help offset it. I'm looking forward to se how this one progresses!

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haha Betty white!! That is awesome.

And thanks! I haven't purchased the house yet, still shopping. I have an okay paying job and no partner so its going to be a constant work in progress.

This car has a separate budget put aside for fun stuffs :)

Spent all weekend working on the car, got the starter, jdm STi suspension and winter tires put on. Got the LH balljoint done....and in trying to take the RH side upper bolt out we could tell it was going to snap, so I said nevermind for now. What do you guys think...try to find a used knuckle to replace the whole setup? Or spend forever drilling out a broken bolt :unamused:
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