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I think you might mean rear (anti)Sway bar. That's going to help you reduce the roll way more than a strut bar will. There's planty of sizes available to suit your needs/wants.

danc said:
I've wanted an Impreza for a while now, and may be in a position to get one in the next few months (I also want a STi, but that's a year away at the soonest, and I want something now). Anyway, I've taken RSs for test drives several times, and the biggest problem I have with the car by far is the body roll. Searching on this site and I-club, it seems the single best thing to reduce that is to add a rear strut brace.

So I'm interested in people's opinions on that conclusion.
What are your experiences with adding a rear strut brace?
Which is the best one to get?
What other suspensions mods alleviate body roll?

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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