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JAN 03 2k10

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Turning the key in less than 2 hrs

aug 2009
, wiring is getting done soon
this is how she sits now

swapped the rs p/s pump from old motor to ej20g
had to order a oil seperator plate,fuji bond and rear crank seal for the 20g
valve cover gaskets i did a few weeks ago. not doing timing belt as it was done 6000 miles ago acording to the pimp ass jdm timing belt sticker ha
then ordering the r1819 koyo radiator,took the jdm tranny off the 20g motor, the clutch was fuxored hot spots flyheel looked ruff, doesnt matter as im using the rs tranny with it, wanted the shorter first and second gears. reusing my exedy racing clutch with the swapzorrs

thanks again

BUMP 2009 Update:

swap progress update may 7 09

harness is out and getting sent to iwire will be dropping the motor in this weekend
and firing it up once the harness gets back here are a few pics

OMG where the phuk did everything go

I have sold the link ecu, j&s safeguard, and just got this EJ20g swap

EJ20G z4 ecu tdo5 16g turbo should b fun

Right now im cruising around on the stock injectors and ecu then pulling the motor and trans, i will be selling the ej20g trans and running it with my rs gearbox here are a few pics

I will be running this on the z4 ecu atleast for a little while while i run the motor and make sure its not going to grenade, then i will be stepping up to a Power Fc and bigger inj


Had a Black 98 4eat back in the day, member 498 on nasioc back in the day, anyways drove the shit out of it for a while and traded it in with 60k on it for what i have now my 2000 2.5rs-t bought it from Jerry Hagen at prestige subaru who founded deadbolt turbos etc

went from this

went through like 10 diff exhaust setups
stock 2000 rs with stromung exhaust sway bars and a shortshifter
tein stech springs and a few other things
from this back in the day

then one weekend ordered wheels+tires, turbo kit whichhad custom sparco topmount intercooler from rallispec, rhb5 teeny tiny turbo. Went from rrfpr setup to emanage to now a linkplus standalone engine managment suspension brakes seats all kinds of shit car sat for 4 months on jackstands

mods list

jdm EJ20g with td05-16g turbo
tial 38mm wastegate with external dumptube
hallman mbc
greddy type-rs bov
Aem wideband controller
autometer boost, egt, and narrowband a/f gauges
walbro 255 fuel pump
custom front mount intercooler
jdm turbo crossmember
cusco catch tank
earls stainless lines and An fittings

and transmission
exedy stage 2 clutch
exedy flywheel
rps shortthrow shifter
jdm wrx crossmember
cusco front sway bar
cusco rear sway bar
wrx control arms
syms front and rear strut tower brace
cusco lower arm bar
kyb agx shocks
groundcontrol coilovers
group n topmounts
group n engine mounts
group n trans mount

custom catless uppipe
jdm wrx header
prodrive catless downpipe
prodrive de-cat midpipe
blitznurspec muffler

Sparco Speed seats
with custom rails
sti floor mats
jdm momo steering wheel
momo shiftknob
custom carbon fiber overlayed dash trim
flip out dvd player with rearview camera
glovebox mod
gutted rear interior, seats etc


slotted and crossdrilled rotors
akebono brakepads
4pots in front soon
2pot rear

carbon fiber hood scoop
Blacked out headlights
sti fog covers
sti front lip
DIY homedepot addon lip
v5 grill
v5 Spoiler
Clear corner lights
i badge
painted sideskirts
rear spats
rota 17" tarmac II..gunmetalic
Falken Azenis 615's
Mcullock 6000k hid kit
Custom rearview camera mounted in licencse plate

will have engine pics soon

it got into subiesport oct issue 06

Current 09 engine pic before the swap Front mount is staying

will have new pics up toon
comments welcome




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wow, my RS is almost identical to yours in every way... I thought my turbo setup was really unique ahahah only difference is i use emanage ultimate to tune...also have pretty much identical exterior as well. great car and congrats for building an RS-t, i know how much work goes into it and you executed well!

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update, finally getting a chance to install the link today!!! woot, after i killed about a hundred new born spiders in my car, that got on the wife last night when we went out! she was bugging out.. anyways cross your fingers

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boooyaaaaaaaa got it started and idling and cruise is around 13:5 - 14:1 gona lean it out a bit, get cruise and idle tuned then once i get this new wastegate spring in time for some boost

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took all of the wiring off the motor, motor just had timing belt dont in japan acording to the sticker on it, also the belt looks fresh. ordering a catless downpipe soon
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