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thought i'd start this thorough thread for two reasons, 1)i'm bored right now, 2) posting individual threads about every single mod is getting old.

here goes: this is my first subaru. and two years ago i knew jack **** about cars let alone subaru's. a couple years ago my buddy traded in his mildly modded prelude for a virtually bone stock (cept for turbo timer) 02 wrx bugeye. the first mod we did was put on a prodrive exhaust and i was hooked. i immediately started looking for a wrx because my 95 toyota avalon just wasnt cuttin it. he suggested i look for an older rs and keep the avalon as a daily driver and for about four months i looked for a bone stock rs over here in los angeles. i really had no money to buy a new car but i wanted one anyway.
before i even had the car, i had ebay projectors, jdm tailights, jdm sti strut bar, cusco rear 21mm swaybar, kartboy endlinks and ss, a seibon cf hood cw style
after a few fourdoors fallin through and almost fallin for an internet scam for a fourdoor that was too good to be true, i saw an ad for a two door 00rs with a 04 sti 6MT trans swap. car had an intake and borla headers and a stromung exhaust and that was it. two days before i went to see the car, i wrecked my avalon. i really wasn't planning on it but that ****in car was just bad luck, that and i was a shitty, irresponsible driver. without waiting for the insurance money, i took out a small loan and bought the car for 7500. it had dents and dings all over it, paint was fading on the roof, the windshield was cracked, the seats were crappy, it smelled, and i fell in love.
here are a few pics of the day i brought it home:

the first thing i did was put in my ebay projectors and after a few days i really didnt like them.

i thought painting them would be better but not so much


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so then i got a little more unrice like and went with black depos, installed my hood, and added black trun signals, black ebay side markers, and ebay mesh fog light covers. i also drove down to i-speed and had it reflashed with an srs-30 reflash. with the intake, headers, exhaust and reflash, i would imagine it was putting a cool 160-180hp to the wheels. the wheels were also quickly upgraded to hyper 5zigen gn+ 18inch with +48 offset riding on yokohama avs 18/225/40's heres how she looked at my first subie meet ever about two months after getting the car.

i noticed that my rs was smoking and was poppin check engine lights all over the place. i was leaking tranny fluid, badly. i probably went through a quart a week and so i headed over to kevin at GARAGE TUNING and had his boys take a look. he had no idea what it was and suggested i not drive the car for fear of blowing the tranny. i was heartbroken and was very close to getting rid of the car totally. on the way home, heartbroken and depressed, a ridiculously sick sti pulled up next to me, rolled down his window yelled "nice ride man". i decided then and there to stick with it and build this bitch to hell. the next week i went out to kevin and put a down payment on a jdm ver4 sti engine that was coming in his next container. again two days before i was to drop off my baby at GT, i took her out for one last highspeed run as i knew i wouldn't be seeing her for over a month. at aboue two in the morning on a wide open stretch of highway i really opened her up and proceeded to blow the engine. i had it towed out to GT to begin the swap and Kevin called me a few hours later and told me he had never seen a rod blow a hole through the block as big as mine had. a couple days from that, Keener called me and asked if i'd like to hear my new engine and when he turned it over on the phone, i had a goddamed hard-on.
when i picked up the car a little short of two months later, my dreams had come true. it was good to be back in a stick shift (i had driven a 89 nissan sentra with about 5hp for the two months, i was miserable) and i took the GT crew out to lunch. fuck it was fast. i was shifting at my usual 4-5k when kevin whispered softly into my ear "take it to 7500". i just about shit my pants. it had in it 100 octane and no tune but damn it was quick.
here are some pics.


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the day i got it back. completely smitten

what i had been driving around for two months:

so i enjoyed it for about a month before i got tired of how crappy the engine bay looked. so i tore apart the manifold and had it repowdercoated along with the rear brembos and some other goodies. added a few new body parts. ill post a few more pics and then give y'all the spec sheet to date.

sorry not my car but i love her^^^^
here's my baby


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coming home after i picked the car up i called kevin and exclaimed "kevin you have made me happier than any women ever has!!!!!!!!!!" they found out why i was leaking tranny fluid. a missing bearing/seal that was not installed by the previous owner when he did the swap. it caused the clutch and flywheel to vibrate up and down and he said i was probably about 100 miles from blowing everything. he fixed it for a cheap price. those guys know their shit.

USDM 2007 STi Limited EJ257
stock vf 43
ported headers
USDM 2004 STi 6 speed transmission
Stock flywheel
Stage 2 Act/Exedy clutch (should hold around 450hp)

tuned by CHURCH AUTOMOTIVE @ 320whp 318lbs torque on 91 pump

BC Racing coilovers
JDM carbon fiber front strut bar
USDM 2007 STi front sway bar (i think 20mm?)
CUSCO 22mm rear adjustable sway bar
WHITELINE anti-lift kit
Kartboy front/rear endlinks
CUSCO rear diff brace
CUSCO hardened motor mounts
PARANOID FABRICATIONS front fender braces
front JDM S202 BREMBOS w. 13'' slotted rotors
Project Mu pads in front, EBC's in the rear
ENDLESS brake lines
TEIN rear strut bar

Cobb AP
SMC methanol injection kit
3.5 custom catless downpipe
750 cc Deatschwerks injectors
Grimmspeed 3 port boost selenoid
KOYO radiator

JDM lightweight rear bumper beam
genuine CHARGESPEED front/rear fender kit (15mm front/ 40mm back)
Rota P45 18X8 +48
Nitto NT-05 245/45/18 (so sticky!)
DEPO black headlights and corner lights
DEPO black turn signals
ebay mesh foglight covers
HELLA supertones
JDM V5 grill
JDM S202 hoodscoop

SPARCO steering wheel
JVC head unit
TRUST weighted shiftknob
USDM 02 WRX front seats
completely gutted interior including soud deadening material (weight of car with me in it is roughly 2800 wet)
SMC meth controller
DCCDPRO controller
SARD 60mm GAUGES: boost, oil pressure, engine temp
DELPHI CF gauge holder
JDM air freshner
SUEDE covered sun visors, sunroof, etc (work in progress)
KENWOOD components all around

I would eventually love to track this car. autox, timetrials whatever, just want to see its true potential.

JOSHUA MCDONALD for opening me up to SUBIES
my DAD for keeping his shop open so i could work on my car late at night
CHRISTMAS ELECTRIC, for helping me with random problems, wiring, and feeding me late at night

RS25.COM for letting me post pics, give newbs a hard time, and helping me when i had problems with my baby and 2am
Cousin Frank for building my engine
Keener @ IWire for wiring up the car, and fixing all the problems i create when trying to pretend like i'm a mechanic

can't wait to show you guys this finished car.

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on the dyno

~220whp on misfiring plugs, 91 pump, 19lbs, on a dyno dynamics dyno(reads a little lower than mustang dynos) add %15. never hooked up after 4500rpm (redline at 8) and never truned on meth kit since it was pointless. probably going to retune her in january and fellas i'm telling yea, whatever he did it drives and feels 10x better than before so i can only imagine with meth and plugs what she'll feel like.

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very nice :)
I'd love to get a JDM motor into my car. Maybe when the 02 WRX motor pops I'll put a ver7+ motor in my car, but for now I'm going with a VF35...I really need to ditch the TD04

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Gay. Change it. :lol: Its coming along pretty nice. I'm curious to see how its going to turn out with the Do-luck sideskirts fitted to the chargespeed fenders. Craig, when is the tune? You have one scheduled yet? I'm pretty sure he has methanol at Harman, but in case he doesn't you can have some of mine for the tune.

Anyway...looking good man.

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It's cool to see the stages your car has gone through. More pics of your front fenders and side skirts if you can.
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