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yes i'm very happy with what they did. The guy mentioned **** car and said he wouldnt boost over 7psi. He called me and said the power was dropping off to quickly at 7psi because they had to pull out too much timing. He needed it another day to retune it at 5psi, which was fine. They got [email protected] and 210 lbs/ft torque @4540RPM to the wheels. Then they took it out and fine-tuned it on the street and turn the boost up a tad to just under 6psi. he guessed that got another 10hp to the wheels at best. Also, my LinkPlus was not complete. Turns out it was missing a sensor or something and it wasn't wired properly (but that was so it could run without it) but they fixed it. They put their own sensor and re-wired the ones that were incorrect. So i was happy with their work. :D

PCH RUN: a bunch of car enthusiasts will be meeting in a parking lot and driving topanga canyon to PCH and then pch to Vortech in oxnard. we will then have a BBQ at vortech and make fun of all the hondas that are there. Last run like this had about 150 cars. The subaru only one a couple months ago had 30 scoobs. It's something to do during the day before you go party at night. Driving the coast is relaxing.

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