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BIG BIG Scooby Suspension News...

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As you guys know..the Survey at the top of the susupension forum has been up for a while...Well after deliberations..I am Proud to announce that..

OHLINS USA is going to produce Coilover suspensions for the GC8, GDD and GDA's...This is awesome news as I have been working on it for about 2 monthes...These are the Real deal.

Some Details: The Suspension system is not available YET to the public as R&D will commence here in the near near future on a MY00 RS, a WRX sedan and a WRX wagon...Sytems will be tested for about a month or so and once everything is good to go will go to production.

2nd..The Systems will be of coilover design, using there Patented PCV system, and will have both dampning and rebound adjustments. the "clicks" are infinate for further dial in. They will most likely have pillowball mounts or a Group N(STi) tophat. They will probably have helper springs.
The shaft will be 45mm..Standard design...and will have Various Spring Rates...Most likley we will start off with a 400lb front and the 350 rear..but any number of possibilities exist...have to see how the R&D goes...

3rd. Keep filling out the survey at the top...Ohlins is going to forward all the survey
data to Ohlins Home in Sweden...So Make it count..

4th...Today was the most awesome day I have had in quite a while...touring the Ohlins shop, talking to the designers...and generally having a blast...Those not familiar with Ohlins...You will..Ohlins designs and manufactors all the PRODRIVE Rally stuff...including Tommi Mak's and Solberg' well as TEAM Subaru USA...REALLY Trick Stuff...One corner on a WRC car cost's about $11000...not a misprint...Eleven Grand a corner..
The build some F1, CART, NASCAR, WRC, And some touring applications in Europe...

5th..Price is being worked on to ensure they competitive in the Street/AutoX/Track market with some of the other Suspension manufactors out there...Won't know anything for a couple of weeks or so on that...

Lastly...Thanks guys for your input and I hope this is good news for you..I know it is for me...

Anyone want to buy a 2 year old set of LEDA option B's...

If you have any questions..don't hesistate to ask

Scooby South
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Yes, I am so stoked to hear that this has finally happened. Now I just have to save up the cash. I will put one of these systems on my car. Ohlins (who I discovered makes the valving and other pieces for the Powerflex suspension that I mentioned in another thread) makes some of the finest, if not THE finest, suspension components in the world.

As Bill mentioned, they manufacture the suspension that is used by Prodrive on the US Pro Rally and World Rally cars.
Well i know what im waiting for!:sunny:
My guess is ~1700-2000. But the question is... will my butt notice the ride being three to four times as good as what I've got?
Doubt it.

But cool for those who do track days, autocross, or rallycross. Not sure that 45mm is going to cut it for full-bore rally though.
45mm is going to be for the street, lite rally want the full blown WRC deal...fork up 40 Grand and you can have the same Suspension as Solberg, Tommi and the US Rally team..:)...
This suspension is not designed for all out....but can be arranged...:D:D:D:D:run:
Not having the financial backing of SOA, SOJ, or FHI, I'd rather spend ~$2500 for a set of 50mm DMS, or a bit more for the 60mm. No need to spend $40k... US rallies aren't nearly as demanding as FIA rallies
yes, Ohlins is definitly one of the best in the world when it comes to race grade suspensions (which they're had for scoobies for a long time). however, hearing that ohlins is going to make an *affordable* setup is good news indeed. wait, did i just use "ohlins" and "affordable" in the same sentence. cleary the universe is coming to an end. but at least i'll be able to handle it well (sorry for the bad, bad pun).
The newest news I hear from Scooby South on this front is that Ohlins will be making two suspensions. A 36mm design for street/autocross/rallycross; and a 46mm design for full rally.

I wouldn't concern myself that the 46 is too small. The $10,000 rally suspension that they currently offer with the external resevoirs is a 46mm design too, and it is super tough.

However, since I will never rally my car ( a rallycross would be the roughtest thing I would ever put it through) the 36mm system looks like the ticket. From what Bill tells me, everything between the two systems is identical (Valving, shell casing, etc) it is just the internal piston size and inner strut sleeve that is different.
Never even heard of Ohlins, but if they're that good, then congrats on the deal, it sounds awesome. :)

For now I'm happy with my new STi Ver.5 setup though.

so when do us interested parties get an update :)
Ok...Quick update..
I talked to Ohlins again today...They will be ready to do a shakedown run on the coilovers here in the next couple of weeks...(they are building them from scratch from existing parts)...Things are going nicely...intial production is going to be about 25 sets...We are going to split it up with about 15 36 mm sets and the rest 46mm sets unless you guys can convince me differetly...I have the opportunity to make a couple of one off with adjustable dampning and High and low speed compression...If you would like to be on the waiting list for these..plese e-mailme to get the ball rolling...We are still trying to decide on upper mounts...It will be with Camber Plates(pillow ball mounts,up front and solid rear mounts in the rear...the other option will be STANDARD group "N" uppers front and rear...or STi's...Price is very close too as I think you will be Very happy...It should be around the same as the upper level DMS's...with a possibility of matching straight up...The Triple adjustable will have a Remote Resoivor system..
Thanks for the interest guys...

Scooby SouthEmail
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I knew it!

oh, btw, I'm just whoring so I can make the 1000 post in this forum! :p
Siper2 said:
Never even heard of Ohlins, but if they're that good, then congrats on the deal, it sounds awesome. :)

For now I'm happy with my new STi Ver.5 setup though.


Yes, Ohlins are that good. They're considered one of the 3 premier suspension manufacturers in the world.

The other two are Bilstien and Proflex... and Proflex farms out their manufacturing to Bilstien.

By the way, DMS has their struts manufactured by Bilstien too... :D They don't make those puppies in house.

If you want to see Ohlins stuff in action, go turn on any superbike race on Speedvision.

Ohlins TT44 Strut - Used on the Audi R8 LeMans Prototypes

Here's the Ohlins website:
Here's the PDF on the Ohlins 46mm rally suspension used by Mitsubishi on their Group N WRC cars. This is very similar to the suspension that took Tommi to multiple world championships in Group A.

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Here you go... a 46mm Ohlins rally suspension with external reservoirs would look something like this:

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Racers that won in the year 2000 using Ohlins suspensions:

Juan Pablo Montoya - Indianapolis 500
Gil de Ferran - CART
Bobby Labonte - NASCAR Winston Cup
Brendan Gaughan - NASCAR Winston West
Tony Kasemets - SCCA Formula Continental
Larry Connor - SCCA Formula Atlantic
Jeff Clinton - SCCA S2000
Scheible and Hughes - SCCA ProRally Gr N
Manfred Stohl - World Rally Gr N Mitsubishi

Kenny Roberts jr - RR 500 cc Suzuki
Roberto Locatelli - RR 125 cc Aprilia
Peter Lindén and Warvic Nowland - Endurance Suzuki
Frank Biela , Tom Kristensen and Emanuele Pirro - Le Mans 24h Audi R8
Harri Luostarinen - FIA European Supertruck champion Caterpillar TRD

Whatcha think?

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Here's a picture of a strut similar to the one that will be released sometime later in the year on a worldwide basis as a drop-in upgrade for the WRX. :D

This one is already available for the GC8, and is of course adjustable. ;)

This is child's play compared to the system about to be released through Prestige!

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For those concerned with rebuilds, the following shops can perform Ohlins certified rebuilds and reconditioning.


Öhlins USA Inc.
Hendersonville, N.C. 28792


West Chesterfield, NH 03466

Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Concord, NC 28027

Phoenix, AZ 85034

Indianapolis, IN 46222

Roseville, CA 95747

Rock Hill, SC 29730

Portland, OR 97231-1403
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:drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:
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