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Best size for winter tires?

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i picked up a set of WRX stock rims (because they are skinnier) for winter rims and was wondering what size i should put on.

i'm thinking either 195/60 or 185/60?
185 may be too skinny though?

what are most of you running?
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I'm running 195/60r15's which is the Impreza L stock tire size.
185/60r16 is the closest to stock RS size that you'll get. It's almost an inch narrower than stock.
I have 185/65/15 on my RS. Works grea ton cutting thru ice and snow. Lousy on dry tho since it has the tire footprint of an echo!
185/65 on 15's. Keep it skinny if they are snows.
195/65/15 is the correct size to go to
i'm not buying a 4th set of rims, so any 16 inch sizes will help
I'm running the stock size on my stock wheels, 205/55/16. My wheels are 7 inch wide, and yours are 6.5 inch, so I don't know if that makes any difference.
yea, the WRX wheels i bought are 6.5 inch but i think i'm just going to puy my stock RE92's onto them.
they are good enough for the snow

i'll get good tires next year
you'd have some money if you wouldn't of bought all those beauty peices for it.
i can't help it...i need 3 sets of wheels, 2 wings, and a snow plow greddy lip (collects snow in front real nice)
I say find a way to put the wing on your hood. Then take it to the AutoX.

I think we should take Roy's car down to Carlisle this year. We could put some nice (non permanent) rice mods and put mud all over it. Show those 'all show no go' guys what real performer looks like. :D
we can put some aluminum foil body work on it
Snow tires

I'm running my stock rims. I don't really think the 1/2 inch width difference will amount to much. I bought Dunlop Wintersport M2's and they make them in the 205/55 R16 size. They worked sweet last snow storm, way better than I thought they would. Definitley worth the money. I believe that Michelin Pilot Alpins, Bridgestone Blizzaks (LM22??) and one of the performance snow tire Pirelli's also come in the factory tire size.:sunny: :sunny: :D :D
yea, they have them at tirerack

but i need to put rubber on 2 other sets of rims, so the RE92's will have to do for this year
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