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2001 Impreza 2.5RS STM
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In my many years of owning cars, I've never developed a preference on tires. I'm looking into getting some 17" OZ Ultraleggeras, and need to get some new tires. So after a search I found that there isn't a "one stop shop" information thread on tires yet.

No flaming other peoples opinions (this isn't nasioc you know)
Keep posts on-topic

So here is the criteria:
-Post Tire name and company
-Tire size and rim size
-Post tire season (summer,winter,all-season)
-Price and where to buy
-Post your 1-5 star rating (1 being bad, 5 being best tire ever!)
and a breif description of your reasoning for your rating.

Hopefully this thread will catch on! Maybe even sticky worthy? :D

College eats money
MY02 WRX Wagon
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Ok, here's my experiences

+The Good:

-BF Goodrich/G Force Sport
-225/45/17 on OZ P1's
-UHP Summer
-$114 each on Tirerack
- rating: 3.5 out of 5

Really grippy tire, controllable, tramline quite a lot (expected with this width), good wet weather grip/cold grip. Unfortunately it flat-spots after a week or two of sitting, but small matter. Great treadlife, low road noise. No chance in winter if you get hit with snow or ice....your screwed. I learned the not-fun way.

-Bridgestone/Potenza RE 960AS pole position
-215/45/17 & 205/55/16 (P1's and Stock 6 spokes)
-UHP All Season
- $150-$200/$110-$140 (tire rack-local shop (17"/16" respectively)
- rating: 5 out of 5
Three things: Grip, comfort and good handling. That said, they do have a bit of a soft sidewall, but do very well with pressures all around of 35 psi cold. Treadwear is excellent, no complaints, the best all season for your money.

-Yokohama AVS Sport
-215/45/17 (rota Tarmac II)
-Max Performance summer
-Can't get in this size anymore...apparently

Good grip, nice handling, controllable, but poor tread wear and a bit on the noisy side. Can't say much else as the car they are on is presently getting a heart of boost.

+The Bad:

-Toyo Proxes 4
-All season
-$119 from my local shop
-2 out of 5

These were new on my wagon when I acquired it, and they were ok for the ride home. After that, and for 10,000 more miles, they were quite horrible. They've got a tendency to hydroplane unexpectedly, poor grip surface and the worst read wear I've seen in a long time, although not as bad as OEM RE92's. Road noise becomes horrendous. I had belts shift and knock loose on two of the tires, and that was all the more annoying.

2000 WRX STI Type-RA Limited
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Wow i've really like my Proxies 4

stock wheel
all season
4 out of 5

On my car there smooth and quite and grip pretty well in dry and the also grip well in wet. A lot better in rain than my friend BFGs.

Meany Head
2000 RSC
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From my meager experience.

Kuhmo Ecsta SPT
High Performance Summer
215/45/17 on MB Weapon Wheels
4 out of 5
Fantastic price for the performance. They are not the highest performing tire, but for the cost they are worth every penny. They are quiet and stable at high speeds, and hold on corners as expected. I'd buy these again in a heart beat for a reasonable street tire.

Dunlop SP Sport FM901
205/55/16 on stock wheels
0 out of 5
Worst tire I've ever tried. Noisy, grab every rut in the road, and really mushy. At any speed over 40 mph the car actually felt unstable and frightening! Just the act of changing lanes on the freeway scared the hell out of me. This tire was so bad, I don't think I'll ever buy another Dunlop because of it. Good thing Discount took them back.

Hoosier R6
205/45/16 on stock Wheels
5 out of 5
They fit the stock wheel and easily clear the struts and fender. They are plentiful in used form because the Miata crowd uses them. And they stick. Plus, the life span has proven to be pretty good. So far, I've managed an entire AutoX season on a 75% remaining used set, and expect at least another 1/2 a season. I'll be getting Hoosiers again when these are gone. Perhaps a 225 though.

Avon Tech M500
Ultra High Performance Summer
205/50/16 on Stock wheels.
3 out of 5
Nothing wrong with this tire. It was quiet all the way to the cords. It gripped fine for it's performance rating, not fantastic, but ok. It was easy on the wallet. And it even held up well at the AutoX. I won't buy another set of these, but I don't regret getting them the first time.

88 XT6. 2.7l H6, 4.11 5MT
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Kumho Ecsta AST
High-Performance All-Season
215/45r17 on Rota Torques
4 of 5
Fantastic tire for the price. not as good as it's big brothers, the ASX, SPT, and MX, but still excellent. used them all summer, including 2 autoXs (one was an instructional event....60 miles on the track!!), still lots of tread left. I got a thumb tack in one a few weeks before switching to winter tires this fall, so I might not re-use them....

Kumho VictoRacer V700
DOT-legal Track Tire
225/55r16 on WRX wheels
borderline slick. wouldn't think about using them on the street, but fabulous on the track. put about 10 laps on them at the above-mentioned instructional AutoX. had size issues, I'll put them on RS wheels next year and maybe run a small spacer in the rear.

GoodYear UltraGrip Ice
studless ice and snow
205/55r16 on WRX wheels
Very predictable in the winter, decent treadwear, I put a ton of city miles on my car, so one season and they're rather worn. but I'll use them again this year on my XT6.

Bridgestone Blizzak Revo 1s
Performance Winter
205/65r15 on Legacy steelies
5/5 only had these on the car for about a week, and one light snowfall
quiet, lots of siping, softer compound than the ultragrips, we'll see how they do at the ice races this year. although I've known other guys to run these and really like them.

Cooper Weathermasters
Studless snow and ice
155/80r13 on '86 wagon wheels
lots of traction, very soft tread compound. wouldn't want to put a whole lot of dry pavement miles on them, as the treadwear was pretty quick. had issues with the beads leaking, but I think that was a combo of 20 year old steel wheels and 155 tread width on 5.5" wide rims.

4 please, to go.
Ver 7 STi GC, elderly L
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Bridgestone Blizzak (not sure what revo, bought them last nov.)
205/50R16 on WRX rims
105 mounted/tire (through a friend)
Very quiet. the real benefit of these tires is the insane ice grip for a non-studded snow tire. I have no clue how they do it, but they generate grip in almost any weather situation imaginable, including the dreaded snow on warm ground. The tread pattern is decent although I'd like to see a little larger tread gap. Only real downside is wear. You should not be using these if it's warmer than 50 out, or they will wear ultra fast.

Yokohama AVS 100
215/40R17 on ADR RS2000's
High Performance summer
115 w/o mounting
These were the best summer tires I've ever owned, but they still definitely had room for improvement. Tramline was quite bad for a 215. Grip was decent but could be better.

Kuhmo Ecsta Supra
215/45R17 on legacy B4 rims
Summer tire
99/tire (i think, they cam on the wheels)
Not much I can really say about these tires. They don't tramline nearly as bad as the yok's but the grip leaves a lot to be desired.

2001 Subaru 2.5 RS-T BRP
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Yokohama AVS ES100
215/45R17 on ROTA SDR
High Performance summer
~100 w/o mounting at the time... tirerack

Very good summer tires for the price! Love them in the rain!!! Snow... not so much... but then again...these ARE summer tires. Grip was pretty good both at autocrossing and at the track...but nothing out of this world. for the money, they are a really good deal.

Just installed:
Goodyear Eagle GT
225/45R17 on ROTA SDR
Ultra High Performance All Season
~107 w/o mounting ... tirerack

Took the car out last night in the pouring rain and hit some big fat puddles to see hydroplaning resistance... I was impressed. Car didnt even flinch. Not many reviews on tirerack or from other members in NASIOC. No autocross or track since I JUST got them installed...and its 32*F outside ;). Took some exit ramps and the car feels pretty solid. So far... no complaints. GOOD TIRE!

05 impreza 2.5rs
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Falken Azenis
on 16x7
Summer Tire
Came with my wheels
4 stars-I only used them for 3 auto crosses but they were awesome

Hankook Ventus RS2 Z212
$106 on edge racing
4 stars
My current Auto-x tires, All of the times I've street driven them they had really bad tire roar, but they are really nice and grippy.

Falken Ziex
All season
4 stars
Were a good daily driving tire, they got pretty loud towards the end of their life though.

Goodyear Eagle Gs-D3's
On clearance on Tire Rack for $49
5 stars
This tire is absolutely the the best daily driven tire I have ever had. They are quiet and are amazing in the rain. Only downside is a softer sidewall but that is only a problem if they are your dedicated race tires.

Hoopty King
2000 BRP 2.5RS/1994 Legacy SS
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Federal SS595
215/45/17 - 17x7 Wheel
Performance Summer
I paid about $80/tire mounted and balanced on my wheels. Not sure the current price.

Ran these for two summers on 2 separate cars ('95 Impreza L, FWD, and my RS.) Did one autocross weekend on them with the RS. Overall, I enjoyed the tires a lot, very smooth and if you push them to their limit, they let you know smoothly rather than just sending you sliding. They had good grip, handled rain/wet roads well, were fairly quiet (they were a performance tire, so they weren't the quietest out there) And even lasted a good 25k miles of pretty harsh driving.


General Exclaim UHP
215/45/17 - 17x7 inch wheel
Performance summer
$75/tire off Tire Rack.

These are an M/S rated tire, but made with a grippy-ish summer compound. I've done a couple autocrosses on these, and the courses were quite tight, the tires displayed their M/S rating with quite a bit of tread squirm. Overall though, they are a great tire for the price, grippy, fairly quiet, good treadlife (Going on a year of driving and they still have good tread,) etc. Definitely a good choice for a daily driver, but maybe not good for hardcore performance drivers.

Hoopty King
2000 BRP 2.5RS/1994 Legacy SS
876 Posts
Firestone (IIRC) Winterforces
205/55/16 and 195/55/15 (I think)
Studdable Snow/Ice
16's came with my RS, 15's were about $400 mounted/balanced at a local shop for my beater.

I got a set of these with my RS to drive on last winter, and was astonished with their grip. It may have also been going from FWD to AWD, but the tires were definitely an upgrade. I've gotten everywhere on these tires. I live on a dirt road that leads up into the hills, and my part time job would often keep me at work late into a storm. I used these at the Team O'Neil winter driving school, backroads, parking lots, you name it, never got stuck.
Only complaint about them is an extremely squishy sidewall, but who's going to be autocrossing on snow tires? I definitely recommend them.


Goodyear Integrity
All Season/Touring/Cheap crap.
Came with my Lego. Not worth any money IMO.

These are the tires that came on my $500 Legacy. They probably keep 75+% of drivers perfectly content as they drive to and from work and the grocery store, I absolutely HATED them. They squealed like a pig on anything resembling a corner at any modicum of speed. I autocrossed on them once, absolutely shit. I don't know what they cost, but they weren't worth it in my mind. I'll spend a bit more money for a lot more grip.

‘98 RS, '00 911 Cab, '18 CT6 TT, '04 Escalade ESV
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whatever eric says is probably the worst advice on the forum

'98 2.5 RS
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extreeeeeeme street sport (or some such sh*t)
~$500 for the set back in 2010

I hope this thread pics back up, cause im gona be in the market for some rubbers here directly.

i bought a set of dunlop direza z1 star specs back in october 2010, and theyre still kicking. i was really surprised that they lasted this long (i expected a year tops). ive put two autox on them and they are AMAZING for racing! i bought them so i could show up to the race, and run what i drive on the street (i.e. no tire changes). if i had to guess, i have about 40k-50k miles on the tires. the tread is getting a bit low (but its hard to tell because the tread was low when they were new)

they hold air fantastically, great in the rain (im in fl, so we get some monsoons) which i was surprised about since they have few and shallow treads, great in the dry too. overall fantastic tires. the only down side is they are a bit pricey. if i recall i paid about $500 for the set (stock size 205/55/16). if it werent for the price, id buy them again.
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