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Since I have experienced a dead battery recently (Braille), I was thinking of
getting a battery booster pack. One that can be stored easily in the trunk.

Black and Decker sell one that uses the car's DC outlet to boost the battery,
but I have read mixed reactions about their "Simple Start Vehicle Battery Booster".

- no jump cables needed
- compact
- LED light for emergencies

- needs recharge every 30-days or so, even when not used
- over-priced, re-badged Chinese product (allegedly)
- 15 min wait before attempting to start the car (minor inconvenience)

Anyone got one of these ?

ps. my fault for the dead battery, left the power on when I was at the
garage for new tyres and got talking with the owner.

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I don't buy anything made by Black and Decker. I work at home depot, and we always get black and decker stuff in the returns. It's pretty much stuff made to be gifts to men from their women that don't know what the hell the things are.

Do you carry drills?

Yeah, we carry all sorts of drills, here's a good one right here.

Do you have anything cheaper?

Well, here's one by black an...

Oooh, that's a great price, I'll take it.

As far as those specifically, I don't think I've ever seen one in the returns basket. But maybe that's because nobody ever buys them...

Sorry, I'm not too much help. I think it would be better to get a better battery, or alternator or something. Fix the actual problem, you know?

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I'd just get a set of good quality jumper cables, about $20-30. I bought my girlfriend a jump pack, but that's just because I don't like the idea of her having to flag someone down for a jump somewhere.

When my alternator crapped out on me, I brought the poor man's jumper pack with me wherever I went... i.e. jumper cables and a spare Optima Red Top. :D

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Kind of regretting getting the Braille LW battery.

I have a Greddy Emanage Ultimate and it was giving me a CEL for months!
Since the last firmware upgrade, that CEL was resolved. Drove around
for a few weeks without the light coming on.

Since installing the Braille I have the CEL come on again. (while driving)
Not happy with the cranking power either.

Still have to see what fault code it is, but I blame the Braille anyway.
Going to replace it with the stock battery and see how that goes for a
week or so.

Will report back.
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