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93 Impreza L 207
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I hate to do this but I'm having a hard time justifying keeping this car.

1993 Impreza L
BAR'd for 02 WRX engine

Clean title, straight chassis
Mileage is around 170k, IIRC
Asking price: $5,500

Yes, I know my asking price is high but considering the cost of JUST the CF widebody kit ($4000 WITHOUT CF bumpers) plus install ($2000-$3000), I think it's fair. I don't need to sell this car; if I don't get offers near my asking price, I will keep it.



93 Impreza L 207
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What's Included: (italicized items are currently installed)
Aerosim carbon fiber wide body fenders

Aerosim front/rear fiberglass bumpers (front was cut for v-mount)
Aerosim front/rear carbon fiber bumpers (have some cracks, need repair)
98 Impreza harness (complete, from headlights to tail lights), merged for v7/v8 ej207 engine (setup for relocated battery and fuse box)
v4 JDM STI gauge cluster
06 STI quick ratio steering rack
Turbo GC engine crossmember
GD rear crossmember
GD fuel tank
Aluminum hood, good condition
98-01 black interior w/ dash beam, heater core
2 1/2 sets of door cards black w/ dark blue fabric, brown with brown fabric, upper pieces black w/black fabric
05-06 WRX/STI center console (fits pretty well, but needs some work)
05 WRX steering wheel/airbag
06 WRX rear seats, modified to fit GC
JDM front bumper beam
PDE adjustable pedals

Everything you need (AFAIK) for cruise control
Ixiz Hood Dampers (custom, for aluminum hood, BNIB)
Blacked out 98-01 headlights
Aftermarket clear blinkers
A variety of minor tidbits, accessories (too many to list; ask if you have a specific part in mind)

What's NOT included:
Engine, and pretty much everything engine-related
Front seats
Bottom half of vertical radiator support (cut it for a v-mount, but never finished. Should be an easy fix.) You can see it in this pic:

Lots of other stuff (ask if you have a specific part in mind)

Sold Separately:
2.1 high compression long block ($3000)
v5 JDM wrx long block ($1200)
v8 JDM STI ECU ($300)
04 STI transmission, rear diff, DSS driveshaft ($2600)
5x114 hubs, knuckles ($350)
STI rear axles ($250)
5zigen FN01R-C 17x10 et35 wheels w/ Federal SS595 tires 275/40 ($900)
Aluminum control arms ($250)
Hotchkis adjustable lateral links ($250)
v4 JDM STI seats ($400)
Front Stopteck st40 BBK (new rotors/pads, $1000)
Rear 05 STI brembos, used rotors ($300)
A SH**LOAD of wiring from various cars
TONS and TONS of other crap

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Frick! I was really hoping to see this one get finished! Any interest in parting with any of the rear or front bumpers?

93 Impreza L 207
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Yeah, it sucks.

Not sure yet about the bumpers. It makes sense to me to keep them all together, but I may change my mind.
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