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1999, RS 2.5, RBP
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I have a GC8, 2.5RS and Vorshlag camber plates for a GD. if I install them on the correct sides it looks to slant back and in at a 45* angle.

Has anyone checked to see how much caster and camber gain they could get?

If I flip sides they look very much like the Whiteline Max-C in it's alternate max caster position, where you loose camber to get caster. This would give me more caster but I like the idea of being able to slide the plate in a little at an autocross to get more camber and some toe out at the same time. Somebody once posted that 50.5* was the best angle but the Bakemono's rotate in 15* increments and I would think 60* or even 75* would be the best depending on how much camber I can get before this.

I may make a round custom plate with extra holes and reuse the Vorshlag hard ware. Can someone tell me the plate diameter?

I would like to be able to get 5.5* to 6* caster and -2.75* camber at the same time, when I autocross.
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