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Anyone ever been up Azuza Canyon? Fucking Rad!!!
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nope, I'm up and running at work.
hehe..blew my shocks up there, i try not to go there anymore, freakin some guys went on a joy ride and dumped their stolen cars up there and now law enforcement is up white vans and trucks...oh well.
I will be there saturdays at midnight.
The road up to Baldi is fun too. Straight up Euclid in Upland. Gets you to the top! Snow and all! MEAN hairpins too!! :eek:
It's too bumpy for my ride.
ahhaa i got the inside joke 'its too BUMPy for my ride' hahaha bump
I am starting to understand how some people manage to get 1000+ posts!! haha

Okay...I apologize for the two previous posts that I made. From now on..I will only post when I have something to contribute to the matter at hand.
hah rookie........not so easy is it mr 31 posts -=P
No doubt. But I really did mean that the ride was too harsh. I only post valuable content. I'm mean, like, who doesn't find the MegaTokyo comic valuable?:D
21 - 33 of 33 Posts
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