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Ok so I put a 2.2 tranny in my 1.8 project car to get it running becuase that is all I could find at the time. The car starts but we went to put in the axles and the 1.8 axles wont go on the tranny. Ok so my question is that if I get 2.2 axles will I have a problem getting them through the rotors?
And the tranny seems to be stuck in gear and when I shifted around with the transmission in the other car it was ok. Now I have everything hooked up and it seems to be stuck in gear and I cant even move the shifter around much. What would cause this? Not having it in neutral when I hooked up the shift linkage?
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There is no reason the axle won't slip into the trans. I've had Brighton axles in OBS trannies, RS trannies and most recently, an OBX LSD meant for a 5spd WRX.... You have other issues, like debris in the splines.

When you put the shifter mechanism together, you might have missed a washer or got it misaligned. It's bound loosen the nuts and try it. If it moves easier, take it apart and do it again. Replace the bushings with good poly pieces while it's apart. Kartboy or Turn In Concepts, etc.....
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